Tokyo Banana DIY

tokyo banana struck me as the cutest thing EVER when i first saw it.

so i decided to make a keychain of the tokyo banana giraffe!

my keychain without the ribbon.

Materials required:
Brown felt
Cream felt
Polyester filling
Sewing kit

1. Print and trace the pattern pieces onto the felt.
2. Cut and sew the individual brown spots onto one of the cream pieces.
3. Sew the 2 cream pieces together.

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Online Shopping Tips for the Curvier Girls

most girls in singapore are really tiny, and skinny (and honestly, not much boobs). so it isnt a surprise that local clothes are catered to them and it is near impossible for me to find clothes which fit.

to give an idea to non-singaporeans, clothes sold locally (excluding uk/us brands) run at a default of uk6 or smaller. im a uk size 8 to 10, so buying clothes is a nightmare.

to combat this, i turn to online shopping. brands such as asos, nastygal and more indie brands offer free international shipping, just contact them and ask about the minimum spend if not already stated! thankfully, singapore's shipping is very efficient so i have not lost any parcels before.

my favorite brand for work/formal clothes is asos. the size cutting runs true and the quality has never been sub-par before. what you see is what you get.

Tips for Happy Online Shopping

i cant stress this enough. if sites seem dodgy or have too-good-to-be-true prices, it most probably is. giving your credit card info to such sites wont really be advisable! and the disappointment of receiving bad items or worse still, not receiving them? not worth it.

shipping costs can be substantial, so if possible, get your friends to shop together or wait for a bulk buy. for asos, purchases of >$175 gets you free express shipping to singapore! your order reaches in 2 days and it is so insanely satisfying. checking the estimated delivery time also gives you some mental preparation before you buy it.

if your figure aint like the models, then do look out for the fit! rule of thumb is, if it looks bad or unflattering on the model, it will most probably look worse on you.

4th of july, black friday, cyber friday bla bla bla. there are sales going on almost every month! check and perhaps wait awhile for them sales. items will be up to 50% off or more! saves you from the heartache of buying something for $200 and going back a week later and seeing it at $50.

5. avoid white clothes
i steer clear of white clothes. the thing about white clothes is, the shade of white. too yellow? too polyester looking? there is a lot of considerations. plus the material may be too translucent, especially on light colored pieces.

thats all for now!

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Tajiyama @ Vivo

"At Tajimaya, you can expect an authentic Japanese charcoal grill experience like no other. The restaurant offers a fun and interactive ‘hands-on cooking’ and dining experience by allowing you to grill your own delectable meats at your very own table."

after my graduation, we went to tajiyama for dinner. i normally shun from anything which requires me to cook at the table such as bbq/steamboat etc cause i hate the heat and smell. thankfully tajiyama was ok on both ends.

we ordered a few a la carte dishes, a pork set for 4, and a wagyu set for 4.

 wagyu! it was very simple but tasted so awesome lightly grilled.

 the plate of pork. the pork was a little too fatty for my taste. thought the beef was way nicer.

 cold noodles which i ordered. simple and chewy. #carbomonster

 mixed sashimi plate.

and my brother cooking hurr.

the charcoal grill had some form of ventilation so most smoke was drawn downwards. the aircon was very strong so the heat was bearable. still, i think non-grill/steamboat places are still better. the lingering smell after eating at such places is always such a turn-off.

despite that, i think tajiyama minimized all these issues so well that i wouldnt mind going back there again.

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Dust In Mouth

hi guys!

ive recently opened a new etsy, Dust In Mouth which sells the knick knacks which i make.

i love to make stuff but then i get obsessed and end up with way more than i can give away.

the items are all made with lots of care and designs are all my own so i do hope you guys would support it!

shout-outs and shares will be greatly appreciated!

currently, there are only bracelets listed but more items will be up soon.

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DIY Elastic Body Harness

so i was on tumblr and chanced upon body harnesses. they are oh so gorgeous and can get crazy creative. although it does seem a little dramatic for singapore, i couldnt resist and made some myself.

elastic about 1" in width
a hoop
needle and thread

as i dont have a body form, my method of making sure it fits consists of me putting it on and measuring the lengths of each strap multiple times. also, to reduce the hassle of numbering the straps, i simply cut them out only when i need them.

do take note that the elastic is facing the right side up and not twisted else it can get frustrating to unpick the stitches and re-sew.

also, make sure there is enough head space at the halter so you dont end up with a harness which cant be fitted over your head.

for this tutorial, im making a halter body harness with an inverted pentagram.

you can choose to add studs or leave them plain.

do hit the Share buttons below if you found this useful!

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My Reading List Winner

hi all!

the noh-face bookmark give-away has ended.

thanks so much for participating!

the winner for this give-away is:

Jane Fawn


ive emailed the winner and if there is no response by 15 July, i will have to pick another winner, so please reply by then!

here are some books recommended by the readers:
The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat and other Clinical tales by Oliver Sacks
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
The Night Circus by Erin Mroginstern
The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
The mortal instruments: City of heavenly fire by Cassandra Clare

ive not read most of these and they sound so awesome. shall add them to my own evergrowing to-read list.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♥ byebye


Tattoo Choker Give Away

hey guys! i have made 3 blue tattoo chokers to give away to my readers.

the contest closes 1 August and the winners will be announced within a week from then.

to enter, simply follow these steps:
1. Follow me on instagram @ jacqcxw
2. Like the Tattoo Choker Giveaway photo
3. comment with why you love it!

winners will be chosen at my discretion in a random manner of my choice.
the item will be mailed via normal postage.

they will be informed via instagram so do stay tuned!

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Caged Bralette DIY Designs

im in love with all things strappy now but it is tough to find bralettes which have the exact design which i want. thankfully, they are quite easy to DIY and there are many helpful tutorials out on the web.

this from-scratch tutorial is god-sent and i adore it to no end! now im obsessed with fold-over elastic for every project.

or, you could easily convert a black bra by sewing on more straps.

basic materials include tonnes of elastic, fold-over elastic, stretchy fabric and swimsuit clasps. they are clasps designed for swimsuits which i think are more aesthetically pleasing than the usual bra hooks. they come in more colors and are made of a simple plastic/metal design which is more discreet.

here's some of my designs!

and a base for your own designs.

for people with more boobs, add a dart into the bralette as such.

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My Reading List and Give-Away

so ive been keeping a list of books ive read this past year and there are some which i particularly liked.

the list consists of books from across genres, but mostly sci-fi and desolate. a huge portion do not have happy endings but they are light, quick reads, great for a rainy day.

My Reading List
The Behaviour of Moths (Poppy Adams)
All Good Children (Catherine Austen)
Under the Dome (Stephen King)
Let it Snow (Lauren Myracle and John Green)
Pandemic (Yvonne Ventressa)
Necropath (Eric Brown)


ive made a few Noh-Face book marks and im giving one away! to enter, simply comment on this post with a book you like and your email by 30 June. the winner will be chosen randomly and contacted! (´ω`★)

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Dinner Dates

we need to satisfy my mexican food craving soon!!! heard that Muchachos was great but havent had the chance to try it yet. the heat is unbearable these days. so ive started going out only after the sun sets. which is still a futile attempt cause even the nights are warm. sigh.

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