went to meet up with soc raggers at old airport.! its quite convenient actually. train ride to serangoon and a switch to dakota. about 30minutes.? the station is rather near the food centre too.   ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

i foresee myself going there for dinner alot now.

had my favorite epic tauhuay from LaoBan, satays and oyster omelette. ahhh~. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

how it totally felt like. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

wanted to buy some back for the family but it was sold out by the time i was done. le sigh. bought them tauhuay from 51-something instead. hope it was as yummy.!!!


trying eyeshadow combi for cny now.! yes its early but cny is even earlier next year. hahaha. shall wear a non-black dress.! most probably purple/yellow.

yellow, green and violet on my left eye.

the colors are kinda washed out on camera. #soclose.

lomo effects make me look like a ghost but uh. i guess the colors are a teensy bit more visible...?

AND. the cutest frosty ever arrived in the mail today. (´∀`) thanks thanks.!

these stupid emoticons are damn addictive. especially cause i like things with (´・ω・)ノ face. omggggg.

off to watch the Cowboy Bebop movie. love their bgm.

Cowboy Bebop. enjoy.!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


short update of today:
went for a late xmas/mingshan's birthday celebration at her house. lots of laughing during the games and potluck.!

setting up the tables and food.

otah. lesson learnt today: never drink root beer after otah. taste like an explosion of hell bugs. ugh.

noodles that my mom fried for us. i helped her with the chopping of garlic etc and after that i went to put on my contacts. fml the stinging from the garlic was transferred from my hands to my eyes even after i washed my hands (T^T) horrid tearing.


i love mint colored stuff so this cup is cute++.!

gift exchange with my present from keryu.!

shall continue my anime movie marathon. the list comprises of movies with mostly surreal, fantastical  elements that make my head all the more dreamier and strange. hahaha.

the list goes like this:
Howl's Moving Castle
Spirited Away
My Neighbour Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service
Princess Mononoke
FF: The Spirits Within
FF VII: Advent Children
AppleSeed: Ex Machina
AppleSeed XIII

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



went to JB with the folks today.! its getting to be a family pig-out day. if i was an only child, which i am not thankfully, so its more of a parents-bond-with-cutest-girl-child trip. hahaha. cause im the only girl child = im the cutest. and the ugliest too. fml.

a day trip across the causeway to a land of yummy food and relaxing walks. i like the food there. the way its cooked by individual owners of the stalls instead of foreign workers who work for Kopitiam or Koufu who most probably don't even have much experience or know whatever they're cooking.

as per most food posts, i'll eat them before remembering to take photos. hahaha. shall try to fix that habit. or solve this persistent problem by eating twice.

problem solving skills of a computing student = epic. ( ̄▽ ̄)

kopi peng is a must-haveeee.! can see remnants of my braised duck/pig organs dish. similar style to kway chap but way yummier.!

random pikachu signboard at a japanese restaurant. hahaha.

MEESUAH. i love love love meesuah.!!! the soup is herbal too so it felt like HP++. i like wandering into these super ulu shops that look run-down cause their food are always epic yummy. and nope i'm not going to talk about hygiene or whatever thing. #denial.

barley to reduce caffeine intake. heh.

shopping at JB is a hit or miss thing. i spent a hell lot at KSL but Holiday Plaza bored me to tears. they have retailers like Parkson's(similar to Metro) but many mini shops. mini shops are greattt. let me gush about how great it is.! in Singapore, the shops are like Zara, TopShop, F21,Mango. like wtf srsly. look down the whole of Orchard.

every damn mall they build just house the same damn retailers. the amount of independent shops are ridiculously paling in comparison.

grossly exaggerated but this is how i feel at times. (TーT)

 so i was at CitySquare today and i found this hidden shop. fine it is in plain sight but the thing is the outside appearance and what the mannequins had on were so different from what was hanging on the racks inside.! it had the cutest collection of stuff ever.! strange, kooky, vintage-style and all one piece from random assortment of brands.

a black lace+sweetheart top+skater bottom+cute ribbon dress caught my eye but was too fat to fit. sian level = MAX. the zip went up up then STOP. wtf. like a SMRT train. fml. (TーT) so cute and definitely wont clash with people here. oh wells. there are weird stuff but if you dig, there are nice stuff to be found.!!! at reasonable prices too. points+++

got this pair of black scalloped shorts and the best thing ever, A ONE PIECE PENCIL BOX. AHAHAHA HOW NICE. LOVE IT. I DONT EVEN USE PENCIL BOXES. HECK. NOW I WILLLL. got a bunch of other stuff for post-xmas too. heh.

so cute so cute.!


ehhh, to bump my own doodles, drew a mermaid.!

 its uhm. a clownfish mermaid. i need color pencils.

im on a mission to use a mask from each brand ive hoarded now. then decide which is best for my skin. heh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



i was bored. then i decided to make my brother an xmas gift. hehh.

times when my artistic talents and hoarded art supplies get put to use.!

an old shoe box with cute xmas wrapping paper.

15 minutes later, i've a perfectly wrapped present(another uncovered talent) of a rather convincing weight. hahaha. but the brother was in shenzhen. so i left the present inconspicuously with his other presents and parcels in his room. and the wait began.

oh wait, you were so long. i had to endure 48hrs of agonizing wait. around there, from 24th to the supposed 27th. sigh. then i decided to go out for dinner with my nehburs today. just as i left the lift, MY BROTHER AND TP WAS BACK. THE SORCERY. (゚Д゚|||)

while i left for chompchomp being super depressed, i got whatsapp-ed this from the brother ↓


huge part of the tree fell. now i walk that path like a ninja in case any more falls.

due to my distraught mind of not being able to see my brother get trolled, i went to tap my card and got into the lrt. then i realized i was supposed to take 136 at the bus-stop. karmic retribution of -73cents. le sigh.

gila melaka and sogurt icecream at Udders after dinner at chompchomp with the nehburs. ♥ i was extremely amused when i wanted to try Sogurt(soju+yogurt, its not bad.! one of my favorite flavors now.! amongst earl grey and rum&raisin) and the girl was like "are you above 18 years old.?" omg major ego boost.!!! what from Master Gary thinking im graduating this year and all the adults thinking im working now etc. i can be young.!!!! (T^T)

 ♥ ♥ ♥

when i got back from the loo, we were so damn isolated cause they cleared like the other tables -.-

collaged random stuff from sem1.! the semester of buaya week, sndc, redbull and pulleys.

MASK MASK MASK. this My Beauty Diary mask is my favourite go-to mask when i feel dehydrated cause my skin is crazy dry and im too lazy to put creams etc daily. it fits well and doesnt have the sticky, heavy after-feel as per most masks. ohh. my aunt got this mask(from a brand that i didnt bother to look at yet) for me recently. it is damn epic nice. my skin was GLOWING after it. nice nice niceeee.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



after watching so much anime this holiday, it seems awesome to be the protagonist(or his friends) in the show. you are basically immortal(or get revived or just dont die), get ridiculously powerful sooner or later and stuff. although it doesnt really apply to all (ace y u die T^T).

so i was thinking, what if you were one of the sad people who were "normal" in these anime. the commonfolks or just oblivious to the otherside of the world.? and i shall attempt to picture how their daily lives are like in the shoes of the commoner. #challengeaccepted

DISCLAIMER: prone to mistakes and spoilers. yaye.


who i am: some non-or-minimal-to-the-extent-of-useless-magic-wielder living in Magnolia/non-mage

with the guild being in the same city, imagine walking by, shopping and next thing you know you're caught in the middle of a fight or something. and these guys are like 1000x stronger than you. reminiscent of the Laxus-try-to-take-over arc.

just imagine if you're the guy on the left in the bottommost panel in the red circle. if i see Elfman run towards me, i'll pee my pants.

or your houses get destroyed for no apparent reason related to you other then the fact that it was at an inauspicious location. HOW SIAN RIGHT. and you cant even use magic to restore it yourself cause well, you suck like that being magic-less in Fiore.

but if i was there, i think i'll spent my money on Sorcerer Magazine and fangirl over Gajeel or Bixlow or something. HAHAHA. ohkay nevermind. up side to the destructions are Fairy Tail actually seems to offer compensation for their damage done so not too bad. i guess. and. and. and. talking "catssssssss".

patiently wait for Gajeel to appear on the cover. hahaha.


SO CUTE. i like Happy. he how cute. hahahaha.

and there are super hot girls like Erza. yaye.



who i am: normal non-pirate non-marine dude

so pirates are rampant and 99% of them are assholes who pillage villages unlike Luffy and crew. plus your government is kinda screwed up and apparently the Marines who are supposed to be protecting you are currently spilt in forces and reduced power cause Aokiji left etc. not like they do much protecting since the marines seem highly corrupted anyhoos.

unless i live in a secluded place without huge man-eating plants or am damn lucky, it'll be dangerous living here. not to mention threats from gangs like Arlong.



who i am: normal non-alchemist dude

i'll have to have a job. and if i stay in a backward place/somewhere not exposed to alchemy, i'll think its some sorcery like in the first church arc in Brotherhood. but then again, not like it'll really make a difference. so i guess i'll be a normal, working citizen then. without internet. most probably i'll try to master alchemy. hehhh. or die trying. or just be normal. but with Roy working for the future, the place shouldn't be too bad to live in.



who i am: normal person who cant detect spirits

this is super sad. its just like living in my current life and then there are people bankai-ing left right centre. while i'm studying why 1+1=2 in CS1231. sigh.

and school doesnt look half as interesting as this.



who i am: normal atheist citizen

this sucks badly too. you are caught in this 3-sided kinda holy war between the Vatican, Hellsing and Millennium. ohkay, understatement. it sucks damn bloody badly(oh punny.!). firstly, you're getting trouble from the undead and the guy who is saving you, ie Alucard, could care less if you actually live or die through the ordeal. makes a lousy saviour in that sense. so the objective of the war was to eliminate Alucard but hey, you wouldnt know would you. cause youre normal and the Hellsing organization is shrouded in mystery cause we all know mystery = cool factor + 100points.! so there you are, a normal citizen caught in this weird guy's quest to kill Alucard. joy.!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


armed with my xmas angbaos(yea i get angbaos for xmas), im trying really hard to not get tempted by my frivolities to buy the super droolworthy boots by Jeffery Campbell. but they are so so so cute. ughhh. if nus had 50% less stairs it might actually be feasible to wear them daily and thus justify my purchase.

neutral browns/nudes are great for shoes.!!! for me at least.

these + my always black outfits = some goth shit but i dont careeee

le sigh.

sigh. while my headache carries on and Howl's Moving Castle continues to stream, i shall ponder about it. what would good guy greg do.? i think he'll save the money for hall next semester or buy a homeless guy dinner. sigh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



being at home and watching tv was fun. then i saw this japanese show that teaches us daily life hacks/ time-saving tips. kinda entertaining.! so they did an episode on xmas dinner in 20mins and desserts in 5mins. intriguing to the max. then i felt like eating desserts. but not un-lazy enough to get my ass anywhere, i decided to make one. hahaha. AH PS CAFE I WANT YOUR PUDDING. (T^T)

here's a super easy/fast dessert that requires minimal thinking.

main ingredients:
baking chocolate

pour the milk onto the biscuits, not too much though. just enough to soak them.

then pop it into a microwave for about 30secs on medium heat so it absorbs the milk.


melt the chocolate chips and stir in milk so it becomes more runny.

ohkay then i forgot about taking photos. oh wells. ヽ(´ー`)┌

hahaha. basically slice the banana and sprinkle sugar on it. pop it into an oven at about 200degrees. the sugar will kinda melt, bubble on the banana but not really caramelize.

coat the biscuit tower in chocolate and NOM.

got some photos of the end product though.

its kinda too sweet for my liking. think it'll taste better if i alternated the banana with the biscuit layers and added rum. NEXT TIME. but this is great for mass production/party dessert. easy to make and yummy.!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye