after watching so much anime this holiday, it seems awesome to be the protagonist(or his friends) in the show. you are basically immortal(or get revived or just dont die), get ridiculously powerful sooner or later and stuff. although it doesnt really apply to all (ace y u die T^T).

so i was thinking, what if you were one of the sad people who were "normal" in these anime. the commonfolks or just oblivious to the otherside of the world.? and i shall attempt to picture how their daily lives are like in the shoes of the commoner. #challengeaccepted

DISCLAIMER: prone to mistakes and spoilers. yaye.


who i am: some non-or-minimal-to-the-extent-of-useless-magic-wielder living in Magnolia/non-mage

with the guild being in the same city, imagine walking by, shopping and next thing you know you're caught in the middle of a fight or something. and these guys are like 1000x stronger than you. reminiscent of the Laxus-try-to-take-over arc.

just imagine if you're the guy on the left in the bottommost panel in the red circle. if i see Elfman run towards me, i'll pee my pants.

or your houses get destroyed for no apparent reason related to you other then the fact that it was at an inauspicious location. HOW SIAN RIGHT. and you cant even use magic to restore it yourself cause well, you suck like that being magic-less in Fiore.

but if i was there, i think i'll spent my money on Sorcerer Magazine and fangirl over Gajeel or Bixlow or something. HAHAHA. ohkay nevermind. up side to the destructions are Fairy Tail actually seems to offer compensation for their damage done so not too bad. i guess. and. and. and. talking "catssssssss".

patiently wait for Gajeel to appear on the cover. hahaha.


SO CUTE. i like Happy. he how cute. hahahaha.

and there are super hot girls like Erza. yaye.



who i am: normal non-pirate non-marine dude

so pirates are rampant and 99% of them are assholes who pillage villages unlike Luffy and crew. plus your government is kinda screwed up and apparently the Marines who are supposed to be protecting you are currently spilt in forces and reduced power cause Aokiji left etc. not like they do much protecting since the marines seem highly corrupted anyhoos.

unless i live in a secluded place without huge man-eating plants or am damn lucky, it'll be dangerous living here. not to mention threats from gangs like Arlong.



who i am: normal non-alchemist dude

i'll have to have a job. and if i stay in a backward place/somewhere not exposed to alchemy, i'll think its some sorcery like in the first church arc in Brotherhood. but then again, not like it'll really make a difference. so i guess i'll be a normal, working citizen then. without internet. most probably i'll try to master alchemy. hehhh. or die trying. or just be normal. but with Roy working for the future, the place shouldn't be too bad to live in.



who i am: normal person who cant detect spirits

this is super sad. its just like living in my current life and then there are people bankai-ing left right centre. while i'm studying why 1+1=2 in CS1231. sigh.

and school doesnt look half as interesting as this.



who i am: normal atheist citizen

this sucks badly too. you are caught in this 3-sided kinda holy war between the Vatican, Hellsing and Millennium. ohkay, understatement. it sucks damn bloody badly(oh punny.!). firstly, you're getting trouble from the undead and the guy who is saving you, ie Alucard, could care less if you actually live or die through the ordeal. makes a lousy saviour in that sense. so the objective of the war was to eliminate Alucard but hey, you wouldnt know would you. cause youre normal and the Hellsing organization is shrouded in mystery cause we all know mystery = cool factor + 100points.! so there you are, a normal citizen caught in this weird guy's quest to kill Alucard. joy.!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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