being at home and watching tv was fun. then i saw this japanese show that teaches us daily life hacks/ time-saving tips. kinda entertaining.! so they did an episode on xmas dinner in 20mins and desserts in 5mins. intriguing to the max. then i felt like eating desserts. but not un-lazy enough to get my ass anywhere, i decided to make one. hahaha. AH PS CAFE I WANT YOUR PUDDING. (T^T)

here's a super easy/fast dessert that requires minimal thinking.

main ingredients:
baking chocolate

pour the milk onto the biscuits, not too much though. just enough to soak them.

then pop it into a microwave for about 30secs on medium heat so it absorbs the milk.


melt the chocolate chips and stir in milk so it becomes more runny.

ohkay then i forgot about taking photos. oh wells. ヽ(´ー`)┌

hahaha. basically slice the banana and sprinkle sugar on it. pop it into an oven at about 200degrees. the sugar will kinda melt, bubble on the banana but not really caramelize.

coat the biscuit tower in chocolate and NOM.

got some photos of the end product though.

its kinda too sweet for my liking. think it'll taste better if i alternated the banana with the biscuit layers and added rum. NEXT TIME. but this is great for mass production/party dessert. easy to make and yummy.!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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