so im starting a blog again.! its more to catalogue the random things and such cause with old age my memory is failing too. also cause its amusing and highly entertaining to read it again next year and go "omgwtfbbq was i thinking then." yuppp.

i just saw the movie poster for パラダイス・キス. weeelll, i do like the anime and manga for it A LOT. like the drawing was beautiful, the characters were realistic and distinct, the clothes were gorgeous and everything. it was the kind of manga that kinda moved me. fine it made me cry like some emotional menopausal woman BUT, the ending was good. might not be ideal in a manga world but it was real and good in its own way.

although ive only seen the poster, my first qualm is that...JOUJI HAS BLACK/BROWN HAIR. ugh. i feel that a huge part of him was the blue flamboyant hair.

see see. the total rich bonbon feel.

-after watching part 2/8 on youtube-

to me, some things SHOULD be there, like:
#1 MIWAKO IS SHORT, PETITE, PINK HAIR. but she is TALLER THAN CAROLINE -.- her voice etc matches but... LE SIGH.
#2 jouji is flamboyant, rich bon bon feel.! not very ):

ohkay. maybe i wont finish watching it afterall.(yea, i know ill cave and end up watching, being depressed anyhows) its the kind whereby ill feel empty cause it doesnt match my imagination. ugh. the only live action that remotely does its manga justice is NANA. bah.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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