went to JB with the folks today.! its getting to be a family pig-out day. if i was an only child, which i am not thankfully, so its more of a parents-bond-with-cutest-girl-child trip. hahaha. cause im the only girl child = im the cutest. and the ugliest too. fml.

a day trip across the causeway to a land of yummy food and relaxing walks. i like the food there. the way its cooked by individual owners of the stalls instead of foreign workers who work for Kopitiam or Koufu who most probably don't even have much experience or know whatever they're cooking.

as per most food posts, i'll eat them before remembering to take photos. hahaha. shall try to fix that habit. or solve this persistent problem by eating twice.

problem solving skills of a computing student = epic. ( ̄▽ ̄)

kopi peng is a must-haveeee.! can see remnants of my braised duck/pig organs dish. similar style to kway chap but way yummier.!

random pikachu signboard at a japanese restaurant. hahaha.

MEESUAH. i love love love meesuah.!!! the soup is herbal too so it felt like HP++. i like wandering into these super ulu shops that look run-down cause their food are always epic yummy. and nope i'm not going to talk about hygiene or whatever thing. #denial.

barley to reduce caffeine intake. heh.

shopping at JB is a hit or miss thing. i spent a hell lot at KSL but Holiday Plaza bored me to tears. they have retailers like Parkson's(similar to Metro) but many mini shops. mini shops are greattt. let me gush about how great it is.! in Singapore, the shops are like Zara, TopShop, F21,Mango. like wtf srsly. look down the whole of Orchard.

every damn mall they build just house the same damn retailers. the amount of independent shops are ridiculously paling in comparison.

grossly exaggerated but this is how i feel at times. (TーT)

 so i was at CitySquare today and i found this hidden shop. fine it is in plain sight but the thing is the outside appearance and what the mannequins had on were so different from what was hanging on the racks inside.! it had the cutest collection of stuff ever.! strange, kooky, vintage-style and all one piece from random assortment of brands.

a black lace+sweetheart top+skater bottom+cute ribbon dress caught my eye but was too fat to fit. sian level = MAX. the zip went up up then STOP. wtf. like a SMRT train. fml. (TーT) so cute and definitely wont clash with people here. oh wells. there are weird stuff but if you dig, there are nice stuff to be found.!!! at reasonable prices too. points+++

got this pair of black scalloped shorts and the best thing ever, A ONE PIECE PENCIL BOX. AHAHAHA HOW NICE. LOVE IT. I DONT EVEN USE PENCIL BOXES. HECK. NOW I WILLLL. got a bunch of other stuff for post-xmas too. heh.

so cute so cute.!


ehhh, to bump my own doodles, drew a mermaid.!

 its uhm. a clownfish mermaid. i need color pencils.

im on a mission to use a mask from each brand ive hoarded now. then decide which is best for my skin. heh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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