i was bored. then i decided to make my brother an xmas gift. hehh.

times when my artistic talents and hoarded art supplies get put to use.!

an old shoe box with cute xmas wrapping paper.

15 minutes later, i've a perfectly wrapped present(another uncovered talent) of a rather convincing weight. hahaha. but the brother was in shenzhen. so i left the present inconspicuously with his other presents and parcels in his room. and the wait began.

oh wait, you were so long. i had to endure 48hrs of agonizing wait. around there, from 24th to the supposed 27th. sigh. then i decided to go out for dinner with my nehburs today. just as i left the lift, MY BROTHER AND TP WAS BACK. THE SORCERY. (゚Д゚|||)

while i left for chompchomp being super depressed, i got whatsapp-ed this from the brother ↓


huge part of the tree fell. now i walk that path like a ninja in case any more falls.

due to my distraught mind of not being able to see my brother get trolled, i went to tap my card and got into the lrt. then i realized i was supposed to take 136 at the bus-stop. karmic retribution of -73cents. le sigh.

gila melaka and sogurt icecream at Udders after dinner at chompchomp with the nehburs. ♥ i was extremely amused when i wanted to try Sogurt(soju+yogurt, its not bad.! one of my favorite flavors now.! amongst earl grey and rum&raisin) and the girl was like "are you above 18 years old.?" omg major ego boost.!!! what from Master Gary thinking im graduating this year and all the adults thinking im working now etc. i can be young.!!!! (T^T)

 ♥ ♥ ♥

when i got back from the loo, we were so damn isolated cause they cleared like the other tables -.-

collaged random stuff from sem1.! the semester of buaya week, sndc, redbull and pulleys.

MASK MASK MASK. this My Beauty Diary mask is my favourite go-to mask when i feel dehydrated cause my skin is crazy dry and im too lazy to put creams etc daily. it fits well and doesnt have the sticky, heavy after-feel as per most masks. ohh. my aunt got this mask(from a brand that i didnt bother to look at yet) for me recently. it is damn epic nice. my skin was GLOWING after it. nice nice niceeee.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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