today, on the way home, i decided to get a new hp cover. so i stopped by this pasar malam and browsed. i saw a black faux croc skin one that was cute. so i asked the guy how much it was. he gave me a discount so it was $20 to $15. fair enough. i was expecting more. then i realized ive no cash, so i was like #ohkay and was apologetic since the shopkeeper has already taken it out etc. after that, he said "its ohkay, $10 is fine". i was rather embarrassed but since he insisted, i was like #freddiemercury.

so now im at home staring at my hp cover, thinking "lucky that i wore makeup home". else ill still be stuck with my cui hp cover like my cui face. the reality of superficiality.

either that, or he is really nice.


drew this on the notebook cause it was really too plain. the GOKON logo is distracting. hahaha. this notebook was a freebie from a dating service brought to us by the government. how nice. #foreveralone.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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