HAH. using all these masks and stuff, i decided to write my thoughts on them. i doubt anybody will really read it but just in case it might be useful to someone and thus karma++ for me.! hehh.

background info:
my skin is freaking dry and im lazy to use moisturisers or anything on a daily basis so masks twice a week is my way of apologising to my skin. HAH. most of the masks i get are concentrated on perks such as hydration, collagen(yes yes, old age is catching up), whitening and brightening. yupp.

since i use this quite abit before i shifted to My Beauty Diary, it shall be the "baseline".


i first got to know this years ago in Korea. ohmytian. it was available at their supermarts and i happened to feel like the winter wind was getting to my skin so i bought one. the next day i went back and bought all "flavours" from the rack. tonnes of it. it was roughly SGD$1/piece and i had the Pokemon syndrome of needing to COLLECT THEM ALL. then it came to singapore but the prices werent as attractive. however, right now places like Watson's have promotions etc that makes the prices just as good now. yaye.!

Brand: Dermal - Vitamin Collagen essence

Price: around $1/piece

Availability: Easy, Watson's and Sasa both carry it.

Scent: Barely there, good for people who doesnt like overpowering scents.

Fit: The mask is slightly thicker and it comes with the eye-cover bits. ive slightly more sensitive eyes so i usually fold it so it rests on my eyebags instead. not too bad a fit but could be better.

Amount of product: 23g/sheet. uh. i never used to care about this but i used a mask from Faceshop that day. it was dry beyond words which made me damn sian. the amount on this mask is ohkay, sufficient for the face and neck but not dripping wet like some that can be used for hands etc.

After feel: Its not too sticky which is something i seriously dislike for masks. I prefer light masks that leave a slight moisturizing film without the heaviness.

Overall: For the price, wide variety to suit different needs, its one of the masks ill use on a thrice a week basis. A general, economic, basic, maintenance kind of mask. Downside is that its not exactly powerful so its best to use it more often then other masks.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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