ive started a new project which will most probably take ages to complete. hopefully itll be done by september. im glad its coming along so well but with the hectic modules the coming semester, itll be a slow slow slow progress.

ive done most of the line work. but thats like 1% of it in its entirety. at least i managed to pack my luggage for hall tmr. im going minimalistic. the more i shift, the less i bring. guess thats good i guess.

shifting back to hall => back to a steady diet of coffee and instant msg-laden food. gosh. ( T∀T)

but im highly thankful that this semester's bidding were flawless and minimal hassle. normally ill have to bid/appeal/bid till i end up with rubbish but ive got all 5 modules easily this semester. albeit motherexpensive. le sigh.

sneak preview of the first page.!!!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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