today i left on a voyage for nice sketchbooks but i couldnt find any. not to mention the bloody amount of kids in Popular cause i conveniently wasnt informed that tmr was start of school etc etc etc. fml ttm. sigh. 

im highly anal about my sketchbooks. theyve to be off-white, bounded not spirals, and be of a reasonable thickness(wtf uses a sketchbook of 20pages.?! not even enough for 5days.!!!). and cause i dont like to doodle on expensive paper(feels so precious that it stops my doodle juice and the constant nagging that ill screw up and waste the pretty book), i cant bring myself to buy moleskin. #cheaplikethat. thats when crafting skillz get important and i decided to make my own. #challengeaccepted.

if youre like me and cant find a sketchbook to your liking, follow this Instructable.!

its great cause you can get whatever paper you want, whatever covering you want and requires minimal crafting skills.! plus the materials are common too. like staplers and glue. nothing too specialized. hee.

this newly unlocked skill is highly useful for future sketchbooking purposes. i scrummaged around for materials and made a rather half-assed one in less than 45mins. the backing was made from random not very pleasing scraps of cloth but its ohkay. shall find better ones. #soclosefreddiemercury. hahaha.

the book is good for doodles and character studies since the book is technically "free" thus you doodle whatever rubbish in it. the results are promising. might make some more with better paper etc after i finish this book.!

the first sketch:
the first sketch in the book i made using a calligraphy pen. the shakiness of my hands transferred over. hehh. #smugsmug. i seldom do houses or stuff cause i suck at freehand perspectives. but this year, one of my goals is to expand my repertoire to decent proper houses and guys. hahaha.

btw, the Blues are god-sent for drawing. goodbye dubstep.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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