ive never felt it since im generally laidback and lets say ive never tried to quantify my goals or success. however, i feel that im at a stage of life whereby im actually motivated to improve. and grab opportunities. although it may seem late and most have passed, i believe that more will come my way. if im not close minded. who knows what may come. #optimistic #realist.

this morning, i got an unexpected call. i was about to reject, citing school as a reason. then i realize, its more of an excuse isnt it.? i do have quite abit of free time albeit my nonstop nagging of how ive no time. i do have time to read my mangas, play my games and sleep. so i guess i can sacrifice it for other things in life now.

my lunar new year resolutions #hipsterlikethat just presented themselves in opportunities and im going to keep it. its not losing weight(fk that, fat la fats. ill be a pirated Boba Fett. like, Jacq Fatt.) or anything like that this year. which is another sign im getting old. fml. but this year, it is something of an entirely different nature. and hopefully, itll make me feel satisfaction.

to end on another note,
OMG BOBBI BROWN CONCEALER ILY. must go grab a pot after class tmr if im not too tired. kind of have a mental list of things to buy and no its not groceries/food this time. hehh. and vday is coming. like a #foreveralone. people y u remind me of it.!?

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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