being in hall = me not having much mood to blog. im perpetually asleep there. a little too much of sleep too. but with no classes for the first 3 days of school, i was really bored. ironically i fell sick after too much sleep. o(-`д´- 。) even with all the vit c popping etc. bleh.

after the holidays, i slacked up on my routines. so i bought the HADA LABO set.! it has no fragrance etc which makes its great for me. been using the toner for quite awhile and it did moisturise so i bought the facial foam and lotion. the foam removes the oil from my makeup remover easily without stripping or making my face feel tight so yaye.

bought a new sketchbook in A4. doodling on first page now.

met yun for awhile after my first day of class. went to jurong point. hahaha. had cake at bakerzin and got a mini NYX haul.! got a lipcream, lipsticks and a blush/bronzer. idky a bronzer but i guess it makes me look like ghostly. the lipcream's texture is awesome. its less sticky than glosses, less oily than most lipsticks and its MATTE. awesome possume. not drying too.

bakerzin is like having a promo for lunch sets and tea time cake sets which are super worth it. a cake + a beverage for $8.90. #notbad.

chose a dark choco cake with berries soaked in wine. has some cream cheese layers too. shockingly it was too much and i didnt finish it. ヽ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

passion fruit soda that never ends.

had work yesterday.! as per usual, it felt more like playtime. was piecing together the foam squares together and they are so cute.!!!! i love the frog. hee. #childhoodrelieved.

then a balloon master came. TRAVIS. omg he is damn cool pls. hahaha. a jacket of +10 to balloon sculpting skillz. and he made this iPad game which was fawesome. saw the trailer video and i wish it can run on andriod. this young boy was testing it for him and the game looked so so so fun.

purple poodle.

elmo and cookie monster's love child. cake monster. HAHAHA.

he made this huge heart wand thing too and now its lying in my hall room.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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