maybe its old age. but i prefer chilling at someone's house, drinking, chatting, watching tv and playing xbox. somehow its more fulfilling. so we met at chenyang's house yesterday! got a little lost on the way there cause i decided to be adventurous and take another bus route. worst decision ever.

coffee baileys! coffee is the elixir of life. so we just sat around, bitching and catching up with some ghost movie in the background.

friends since primary school. hehh. best days of my life. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ drove past Rosyth after that and was hit with nostalgia. they are renovating the school compound now though. i miss the level 4 open parade square and the level 5 canteen. always had amazed me that our canteen was sky-high. i liked the spiral staircase a lot too. wonder if the walls i painted in the art room is still there though. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ the saddest part was when i realized that, my secondary and jc college campus seems so small in comparison to my primary school. perhaps its the perspective since i was younger then.

it was fine that my secondary school was not huge since the cohort isnt that huge, and we were so near town etc. i actually liked it there a lot. and the architecture was pretty and unique, not run of the mill school architecture.

 but then when i went to jc, daaammmnnnnn. vjc's campus is realllyyyyy small for a college. oh wells. not that i spent much time there anyway. i hated the fact that there was this LT's aircon which was always spoilt and there werent ventilation. and the worst part was most of my classes were in that particular LT. so imagine sitting in there for an hour odd with the many other students. ugh. bad memories to the max. i hope they've improved the facilities. oh wells. that is what you get when you are lazy and just choose the school your brothers' went to instead of making educated personal choices. if you are going to study, might as well choose a school with facilities to make life less miserable. or one that is nearer to home.


im a sucker for all things this pastel mint color so obviously i've got to use this controller. the only qualm i have for xbox controllers are that they are too damn big!!! i've to stretch my small hands so much to hit the A buttons while still using the others. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ i like the playstation controllers more.

as the night gets later, the teams on halo gets more godlike. fml.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



GO VIEW NOW. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

we found a sunday to revamp the school's club room into a post apocalyptic weaponry shop. ive no photos of the area before revamp but its basically shelves of textbooks.

the ragtag high-end weapons and armour. we tried to be as detailed as possible with the decorations and limited limited time and resources. decorating the place was interesting, paying attention to all the tiny details that people might not even notice. we even hid Easter eggs in our 30s commercial assignment. hehh.

post-apocalyptic bounty princess leia from an alternative universe. the outfit was torn jeans and a bullet proof vest and bruises which are not seen from the angle. however, after editing and post-production, i appear for a grand total of 2 nanoseconds. hahaha. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

with our dear bounty hunter.

when i first bought this blue wig on a whim, everyone was like, whenever are you going to wear it. and i was adamant that i WILL find a practical use for it even if i dont cosplay. so i did.! it was useful in filming this assignment. hehh. its not merely a practical usage but an academic usage. booyaaa. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

since singapore is highly urbanized with not much vast expanse of land where we can trespass freely, it was rather hard to find the setting for a post-apocalyptic world. we had a scene which required a dilapidated house and the only one i knew was the Matilda house.

from wikipedia.

it was a pity that when we went there, it was torn down and new construction was taking place. so we drove around punggol and stumbled upon this area which was more than ideal. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ granted that while driving in the jungle we were ambushed by a wild boar that dashed across the road, it was fairly safe. although i wore slippers and almost slipped lots of time down the slopes. ooo punny.

the bunkers which looked very zombie-proof and withering old trees. also, maybe the gods of filming were with us but there was ample natural light AND clouds which add to our post-apocalyptic feel. heee.

boba me ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ breathing in this mask is not something to be taken lightly. ugh. idk how rick managed to film in this in the singapore heat + leather jacket etc.

more bunkers in a row.

the bounty hunter vs a light saber wielding zombie.

honestly, i still have no idea what these structures are.

watch out we've got a badass over here.! saw this only after filming. but the area's terrain is rather treacherous.

i love this shot of the cracked barren field.

zombie makeup with only eyeshadow and bronzers.!!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

our group's name.

i'll update with our video soon.!!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


6 signs i'm turning into a computing student(and thinly veiled grievances)

6 SIGNS I'M EVOLVING (and thinly veiled grievances)
(Disclaimer: from the perspective of me just cause some people are anal like that.)

1. ReadMe.txt
oh god. THIS. this is when i realized ive sunk so deep. in the past, i would just text or email the people relevant to the changes. so it was a chunk of text too. but you know you're converted when you actually take 5seconds to open notepad, type everything, and enclose it in a readMe.txt.

2. Ability to turn caffeine into magical things
in the past, when i drank coffee, it reincarnates itself as sleepless nights. now, when i drink coffee, it either turns into code and eventually binary. though mostly it still comes out as drawings and unproductive nights. hahaha. its really magical. really. and somehow your body gains even more super powers with it. its like we found the HP and MP potions of the world. somehow people from other places haven't seem to find/realize its potential. either that or its the copious amount of this elixir i drink.

3. Fixed width fonts
i'm attributing this to my likeness of neat, evenly spaced things. apparently it stemmed more from staring at eclipse rather than my ocd. but to be fair, i dont stare at eclipse a lot. though the ascii art phase did make me appreciate them more. hehh.

4. Boasting of linguistic rights
"Hi, i'm blablah and i know 10 languages. English, Chinese, Japanese, Java, Scheme, C++, PHP, Perl, Python and C."
yuppp. this needs no further explanation. but how good you are at the language is another story. hahaha. OMELETTE DU FROMAGE.

5. Different set of vocabulary
when you say things with like-minded people who understands your references and terms. THEN you port it over to people from outside soc and you're met with "wts are you talking" or "are you retarded" stares. oh wells. worst is when you laugh incontrollably at the joke only you understood. meh. maybe its the humor.

6. People approach you like a IT helpdesk
"My laptop died!" "ohkay. i offer you my condolensces." like seriously. maybe you assume i can help but seriously. how am i suppose to know. they don't teach us to be technicians in soc i'm afraid. it's computer science. not computer fixing. maybe they expose us to computer problems or it's an interest based thing. but i for one, depend on my own technical services helpline called the Elder Brother hotline. .

and the best ive heard thus far "JACQ, IVE SPILT MILO ON MY LAPTOP". dafuq am i supposed to do.! reverse time with hermione's time-turner and save you from spilling milo.?!

this calls for common sense to put your drink AWAY from your laptop. not computer science knowledge.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


this blog is a little dead for this few weeks cause im currently working on 3 academic projects and 1 rather time-consuming personal one. and the lack of a tablet has greatly hampered my ability to work sooooo...do keep a lookout for my new project (:

the framed up pica-chu with a flower from Sheares Production. drawing for others, quite a first and i do like it a lot. which leads me onto my OTHER personal project. but that is scheduled only for the 3 months holidays.

childhood with blocks as houses and a robot destroyer.

drawing rocks from my geography class. it is quite interesting. i never noticed rocks could look so different. which is why i suck at drawing certain things cause im not observant enough. meh. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ shall try to be more observant now. not just of good looking people. hahaha. even rocks.

rocks, ill pay you attention now.

my mood these days. tempted to do a lot, but resisting even more. but usually i cave in. hahahaha. its like, if you don't do it, you'll regret it, thinking WHAT-IF. but the sad part is, you'll never know. if you tried, even if there's a 99% chance of you looking stupid and going #ohgodwhy.jpg, at least you tried, cause you wont EVER EVER EVER know what will happen if you didn't. #actlikeaphilosopher.

maybe i'm just justifying my own bad choices. hahaha. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

the balance of life. inorganic, organic, good, bad, flight, falling. i lost it for awhile. now i'm trying to regain it.

ohkay, end of my philosoraptor rant.

sent kevin off for SEP. ahhh. we will miss you at level 5 short wing.!!!

and then left for glen's 21st. ahhh. everyone is turning 21 soon.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


Elixir of Gods

how i feel when i make my daily coffee. the elixir of gods. hahahaha.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



today, my priorities shifted really quickly. twice. it is rather freaky how fast my priorities change. there are always a few stagnant ones. just that the hierarchical order of them changes but nothing as fast as today.

it was all daisies in the field with me not suffering from hay fever, sunshine without the uv-rays, me with 100SPF skin, perfect hair day and all. but just one sentence and i was like...



then jt, rick and jem just died laughing at my sad life. #ugh.

me in that moment.

HAHAHA. ohkay but it is quite funny now.


( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


there is always a 4hrs break before 22103T lecture. normally ill go back to sleep. but the project meetings are piling up like fk. ugh. #zombie

so here are some more art purges.

maybe the world will be better if we cried for others and not just ourselves.

there is a hall production out soon and its Black Comedy. go watch people.! so the main dude is an artist so ive painted some paintings for his apartment. done in poster paints on A3 vanguard(?) papers.

pica-chu. HAHAHA. ohgodsopunny.

pirated scream. i was quite stunned that the poster colors can even stack on each other. hehh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye 



who doesnt have moments when they feel like a sir.?

that awesome moment.

so here is my second tutorial, to draw a Sir cat.

( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



pinup is something i find really intriguing. the style, the confidence, everything. to me, they are the epitome of female beauty with their curves and seduction.

so i thought, why not draw some icons in pin up style!

princess leia.

some are edited to have color, but honestly, i prefer my black and white sketches a lot more. especially the raws ones. hehh. but i guess some arent as iconic without the colors. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

my pokemon trainer. i did a colored version of this but it just didnt sit well with me, so im posting the black and white one instead. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

mrs macDonald.

raphael from tmnt.

colonel sander's daughter.

our disney princesses at a slumber party with Cinderella, Belle and Ariel.

Snow white, Jasmine and Mulan.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye