6 signs i'm turning into a computing student(and thinly veiled grievances)

6 SIGNS I'M EVOLVING (and thinly veiled grievances)
(Disclaimer: from the perspective of me just cause some people are anal like that.)

1. ReadMe.txt
oh god. THIS. this is when i realized ive sunk so deep. in the past, i would just text or email the people relevant to the changes. so it was a chunk of text too. but you know you're converted when you actually take 5seconds to open notepad, type everything, and enclose it in a readMe.txt.

2. Ability to turn caffeine into magical things
in the past, when i drank coffee, it reincarnates itself as sleepless nights. now, when i drink coffee, it either turns into code and eventually binary. though mostly it still comes out as drawings and unproductive nights. hahaha. its really magical. really. and somehow your body gains even more super powers with it. its like we found the HP and MP potions of the world. somehow people from other places haven't seem to find/realize its potential. either that or its the copious amount of this elixir i drink.

3. Fixed width fonts
i'm attributing this to my likeness of neat, evenly spaced things. apparently it stemmed more from staring at eclipse rather than my ocd. but to be fair, i dont stare at eclipse a lot. though the ascii art phase did make me appreciate them more. hehh.

4. Boasting of linguistic rights
"Hi, i'm blablah and i know 10 languages. English, Chinese, Japanese, Java, Scheme, C++, PHP, Perl, Python and C."
yuppp. this needs no further explanation. but how good you are at the language is another story. hahaha. OMELETTE DU FROMAGE.

5. Different set of vocabulary
when you say things with like-minded people who understands your references and terms. THEN you port it over to people from outside soc and you're met with "wts are you talking" or "are you retarded" stares. oh wells. worst is when you laugh incontrollably at the joke only you understood. meh. maybe its the humor.

6. People approach you like a IT helpdesk
"My laptop died!" "ohkay. i offer you my condolensces." like seriously. maybe you assume i can help but seriously. how am i suppose to know. they don't teach us to be technicians in soc i'm afraid. it's computer science. not computer fixing. maybe they expose us to computer problems or it's an interest based thing. but i for one, depend on my own technical services helpline called the Elder Brother hotline. .

and the best ive heard thus far "JACQ, IVE SPILT MILO ON MY LAPTOP". dafuq am i supposed to do.! reverse time with hermione's time-turner and save you from spilling milo.?!

this calls for common sense to put your drink AWAY from your laptop. not computer science knowledge.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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