this blog is a little dead for this few weeks cause im currently working on 3 academic projects and 1 rather time-consuming personal one. and the lack of a tablet has greatly hampered my ability to work sooooo...do keep a lookout for my new project (:

the framed up pica-chu with a flower from Sheares Production. drawing for others, quite a first and i do like it a lot. which leads me onto my OTHER personal project. but that is scheduled only for the 3 months holidays.

childhood with blocks as houses and a robot destroyer.

drawing rocks from my geography class. it is quite interesting. i never noticed rocks could look so different. which is why i suck at drawing certain things cause im not observant enough. meh. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ shall try to be more observant now. not just of good looking people. hahaha. even rocks.

rocks, ill pay you attention now.

my mood these days. tempted to do a lot, but resisting even more. but usually i cave in. hahahaha. its like, if you don't do it, you'll regret it, thinking WHAT-IF. but the sad part is, you'll never know. if you tried, even if there's a 99% chance of you looking stupid and going #ohgodwhy.jpg, at least you tried, cause you wont EVER EVER EVER know what will happen if you didn't. #actlikeaphilosopher.

maybe i'm just justifying my own bad choices. hahaha. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

the balance of life. inorganic, organic, good, bad, flight, falling. i lost it for awhile. now i'm trying to regain it.

ohkay, end of my philosoraptor rant.

sent kevin off for SEP. ahhh. we will miss you at level 5 short wing.!!!

and then left for glen's 21st. ahhh. everyone is turning 21 soon.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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