how i feel like when i am ill and whiney. i'm fine if i huddle in my room alone with my germs but i have to go school for meetings and classes which means i'm infectious. this is how zombie apocalypses happen. people feel sick and horrid yet they still go about, infecting everyone. le sigh.


sorry for the germs people. (T(エ)T)ノ

back to practising for my presentation tmr.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



one of the worst feelings ever, is to have an unidentifiable craving.

then next would be to have a craving, with no way to satisfy it.


teh tarik icecream. (T^T)


something is wrong

i feel drained mentally. and now that i'm ill, physically as well. my patience for incompetence is thin. doesn't help when people aren't cooperative nor serious. sigh.

since i was exhausted, i thought i would be uninspired. but i forced myself to doodle.

meh. well. it was therapeutic.

so i drew.

day of the dead is fascinating to me. more of the sugar skulls.

a quick doodle that i semi-processed with photoshop.

speaking of drawing, Draw Something is highly addictive. well, the words can get repetitive but seeing the things people draw for certain words is amusing. hahaha. different perspectives of different people. hehh. too bad i've retarded reflexes and by the time i'm done laughing, the image is gone and i can't screenshot. oh wells. but now nobody is really playing it anymore so i'm left with only 3 ongoing games. (T(エ)T)ノ plenty amusing nonetheless.

shall get back to my presentaton slides.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



this is yummy organic chocolate from Conscious Chocolate. if you like dark chocolate, this is a must-try! it doesn't have the typical bitterness as it is sweet, yet this sweetness doesn't taste sugary. it is more reminiscent of honey! it really tastes different from other non-organic chocolates. also, this flavor is goji and coconut flakes. sounds like a strange combination but it provides added texture since the chocolate itself is very smooth. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Day 2 waiting for them to pack up. with yijiajia, waitsun and jesmond's hand. Day 2 was less tiring, but my feet were dying. the ankles and flats of my feet. guess my shoes aren't padded enough. work is good but it took its toll on my health. normally i pay back my sleep debts for the week on weekends. so i didn't do it for the past few weekends and now i'm showing symptoms of flu. ugh.

school bag. it has the magical property of being compact yet it can fit my chargers, notebook, pencil box, makeup pouch, wallet, tissue, phone and huge ass textbooks.

gordon who insists his shoes are nice and deserves a photo.

the field with the food bazaar.

life is a tad more interesting now. hehhh. although it's at unprecedented levels of academia frenzy and deadlines. the stress is negated by certain occurrences. though i think it will end badly. meh. uninspired to draw now too. sigh. this is not good.

i hope the flu goes away soon.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



today i went to help out at the NUS Open House for computing. i've never been one for open houses as i thought if i did want to go to a certain place, just read up, and sign up for it. whatever happens, happens. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ the first time i ever did go to an open house was when i was choosing university courses and even then it was more of a mini excursion with my brother. we hit only the computing booth and hall booth. nothing else. though i did the suaku walk about campus thing excitedly. hahaha.

so my duties today were to stand about the booth with an ipad and answer questions about life in computing. the curriculum, the job prospects, small talk etc.

the most common questions were:
"which is better, SMU IS or NUS IS?"
"what is the difference between computing and engineering?"
"what is the difference between computer science and computer engineering?"
"what are the job prospects?"

weeeellll...i would be inclined to say NUS since it is my school afterall and also, i've not studied in SMU so i can't really comment about it can i? even then, experiences varies. so i tried my best to be objective. cause i wouldn't want someone to come in and get something else from what i told them right. bad karma. what if they enter, realize they hate it. and since i will still be around in school, they voodoo me or some shit for their suffering. hahahaha. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

so there were a few incidences which made me ponder today.

firstly, a guy got accepted into NTU ADM and was thinking of Digipen. but he was also considering NUS CM cause of the brand name and truth be told, there exists a safety net of sorts(despite the recent slew of scandals and such) here, provided you don't fail out of school. his first question was if NUS CM offers what he wants(which is art intensive and sounds more of the bachelor of fine arts in Digipen) so i thought, that was what i thought CM offered too. but after a lengthy talk(about 30mins!!!), i guess he realized it wasn't what he wanted afterall. although open house is for recruitment, i feel that letting them make informed choices is way more important. else, the voodoo thing might really happen. and the thing is, right after asking if i was in CM, his immediate response was, "i heard CM is closing down next year". i was like "uhmm...nothing is finalized nor official. it's hearsay." -smiles smiles beams- OMGSIGHSTABSSTABSSTABS. that's what i'm hoping too my dear friend!!! i hope he has a good life in wherever he chooses to go. though he might just come here afterall. or his friend might come to the IS here. meh.

the second ponder-inspiring incidence was parents who wander about the Open house without kids in tow. so who is choosing what they want to study? the parents, or the kids themselves. and there were also parents with kids who aren't even old enough for A levels asking questions. dafuq man. when i was explaining about the requirements eg H2 Math, the poor girl was like puzzled about what H2 is. point is, if you don't know what H2 is or any of its equivalence, you're too young bro. maybe they are deciding if NUS isn't their choice, which overseas university to pack the kids to and thus the need for time to save monies. hehh. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

the third thing i found out today was, talking to people from 9am to 6pm at a rather loud voice is hard. talking to tall people from 9am to 6pm at a rather loud voice is even worse. its the tilt of the neck and the fact that you're looking up the whole time. god my back, neck, throat and feet are all aching now. i guess i never realized how short i really am till today. when all the people i spoke to were taller than me. by a whole lot. like a whole 15+cm lot. sigh. BUT. it's a rare occurrence. since i hobble about in heels most of the time so im a fake height of 165cm on normal days. hahahaha. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

and the last thing is about work ethics. how can some people just disappear for no utter reason during peak period. do they not realize how bad it reflects on when we are stretched so thin and people have to wait for like 5+ mins to ask a single question? if you poof during non peak it's fine since there isn't much traffic present. but seriously. have a sense of responsibility please. it's not even a 5 min toilet break which i find reasonable. it's just a disappearance. uninformed at that. if you do have other duties which you can't walk away from, then don't sign up for this. it's not fair for those who have to cover your asses.

so this is the end of a lengthy rambling post and off to work i am again. just had to take a break from school reports. le dramatic sigh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



this is a mini project that i've worked on in november. finally got around to seeing it again and i cut it down from a 14 page story to 6 pages. hehh. it was lined and painted in water colors but it doesn't show up as well in the scan. it's not really a story as much as a series of illustrations cause i'm kind of bad at story telling. hehh. the whole translating story from head to paper needs a tonne more work.



hope you guys liked it! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 

if you liked it, do help me share it! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 

disclaimer: font is 1942 report and credits go to the creator.


( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



here is a semi-collection of recent digital works. i've not really worked with digital media except to photoshop my own photos. ahem. narcissistickid91. playing around and exploring is fun but i've gotten a few books on it. hope it sheds some light.

the guardians of dead flowers.

a notepad with strange animals.

my 8bit pikachu created by a uber cool app called Qblock
basically you have canvasses and you paint/remove your pixels, building it by layer. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

pikachu's butt. heehh.

as you can see, i'm rather fascinated and obsessed with pikachu now.

and it appeared to save the day.

here are the links to the previous ART PURGES:

do follow my tumblr for constant art updates!

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normally, my art purges are random doodles but these were done in a period of time when i was kind of contemplative and questioning a tonne of things. things like interpersonal relationships, school and just events in general. doodling helps to get them out of my system quicker and better.

The Twisted Giving-Tree 
when people give to me, i feel extremely grateful. like help that is way out of their way, or just kind things like welfare packs that perks your day up, anything actually. even if you still feel shitty, at least you have some one there who tried to make it less horrible. so i am thankful for all these. but. at times i ponder if i am taking too much. trying to give back is hard. especially to people who help me with school. i mean, dude, how do you help computing gods in computing. -,- the most i can do is sacrifice lambs and other livestock for you. nah. more like feed you cookies and hope that one day i might actually be helpful to you too.

The Inorganic Living
these are days when you wonder if you are actually living life. or getting too absorbed into the matrix of virtual life. then i go out for a day in the sun by the beach, and delve back into my wonderful world of 110001s, wondering how i could ever forsake it. hahahaha. its a different kind of life that i like, just that sometimes we get distracted by the other side of the fence.

The Three of Swords
its not really betrayal, as much so as i decided that sometimes it is better to leave. some people are just too toxic and negative. at first it seems like nothing. however, over time, it just starts to seep into yourself.

The Fool
play the fool and laugh along. though it can't last long and it won't.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye



today is my self-declared Work-Blank-out Day. which is kind of a joke since i still had to submit a few things. but now that's done, there is only cs2103T code to assimilate and i guess i can do that after dinner.

sleeping for a full 16hrs should suffice for tonight and next week i hope. didnt really plan it, it just happened while i was using my laptop. the next thing i knew, it was 2pm the next day. (T(エ)T)ノ

was kinda restless so i decided to play around with Photoshop! i love colored contacts but sometimes thinking of what color to get etc is boggling. and even if purple eyes look nice, its just strange for school and normal work days so i stick to browns these days. or once in awhile greys. BUT. i went to prowl through tutorials and dammmnn. this guy has the most effective and most idiot-proof tutorial for eye-color changing ever. you can pick it up in like <5mins. then trial and error through the desired effects. and also i've included contacts irl which closely resembles them.

so i played around and tested with it. in 3 steps you get like infinite eye color choices. muahahaha. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

in the original, i'm wearing Princess Mimi almond contacts so it is kinda chocolate to begin with. love the color a whole lot but it is 16mm which is tiring for eyes. especially if i've to wear it for an entire day which is roughly 12hrs++. decided to get 14mm brown ones which are less tiring for normal wear. to be honest, my eyes are damn small so wearing 16mm is kinda like sclera lens. damn you small eyes!!!

green eyes. using the lasso-technique sometimes misses out bits so this with the mask is great. easy too! i've not found contacts that give this kind of emerald green yet. geo green lens are lighter, more apple. but on asian eyes it gets darker, still not dark enough though. and geo green lens has a very distinct pattern so it is not as natural nor blended.

blue! i like dark blue eyes but most commercial blue contacts are really light. sigh. but its ohkay cause i haz photoshop now! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ btw these photos are extremely ps-ed. ahem. EPIC SKIN. the best investment in skin care is photoshop. seriously. it can even save you from bad lighting. hahaha.

strange combi of green eyes + bright coral lips. which reminds me of the limecrime orange lipstick that im tempted by. but resisting.
i think im highly attracted to the packaging. but their texture and pigmentation is really good too.

gold hazel. this is an easy color to find since most contacts have a huge array of browns. the Mimi Cafe Latte series is nice. i'm in love with the designs such as the mimi latte brown!

how cute is this!!! like the top view of a cup of coffee.

AMETHYST. i like purple eyes. looks highly dreamy somehow. so far i've not found contacts that give this deep purple. freshkon gives a romantic light violet that looks extremely unnatural with no limbal ring. meh.

ohkay. now everyone can haz nice colored eyes! even asians. sigh. its really boring to have black eyes for everyone. and at most brown for some. its like your child will most definitely have black/brown eyes. where's the thrill in that huh!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye