normally, my art purges are random doodles but these were done in a period of time when i was kind of contemplative and questioning a tonne of things. things like interpersonal relationships, school and just events in general. doodling helps to get them out of my system quicker and better.

The Twisted Giving-Tree 
when people give to me, i feel extremely grateful. like help that is way out of their way, or just kind things like welfare packs that perks your day up, anything actually. even if you still feel shitty, at least you have some one there who tried to make it less horrible. so i am thankful for all these. but. at times i ponder if i am taking too much. trying to give back is hard. especially to people who help me with school. i mean, dude, how do you help computing gods in computing. -,- the most i can do is sacrifice lambs and other livestock for you. nah. more like feed you cookies and hope that one day i might actually be helpful to you too.

The Inorganic Living
these are days when you wonder if you are actually living life. or getting too absorbed into the matrix of virtual life. then i go out for a day in the sun by the beach, and delve back into my wonderful world of 110001s, wondering how i could ever forsake it. hahahaha. its a different kind of life that i like, just that sometimes we get distracted by the other side of the fence.

The Three of Swords
its not really betrayal, as much so as i decided that sometimes it is better to leave. some people are just too toxic and negative. at first it seems like nothing. however, over time, it just starts to seep into yourself.

The Fool
play the fool and laugh along. though it can't last long and it won't.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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