this is yummy organic chocolate from Conscious Chocolate. if you like dark chocolate, this is a must-try! it doesn't have the typical bitterness as it is sweet, yet this sweetness doesn't taste sugary. it is more reminiscent of honey! it really tastes different from other non-organic chocolates. also, this flavor is goji and coconut flakes. sounds like a strange combination but it provides added texture since the chocolate itself is very smooth. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Day 2 waiting for them to pack up. with yijiajia, waitsun and jesmond's hand. Day 2 was less tiring, but my feet were dying. the ankles and flats of my feet. guess my shoes aren't padded enough. work is good but it took its toll on my health. normally i pay back my sleep debts for the week on weekends. so i didn't do it for the past few weekends and now i'm showing symptoms of flu. ugh.

school bag. it has the magical property of being compact yet it can fit my chargers, notebook, pencil box, makeup pouch, wallet, tissue, phone and huge ass textbooks.

gordon who insists his shoes are nice and deserves a photo.

the field with the food bazaar.

life is a tad more interesting now. hehhh. although it's at unprecedented levels of academia frenzy and deadlines. the stress is negated by certain occurrences. though i think it will end badly. meh. uninspired to draw now too. sigh. this is not good.

i hope the flu goes away soon.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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