today i went to help out at the NUS Open House for computing. i've never been one for open houses as i thought if i did want to go to a certain place, just read up, and sign up for it. whatever happens, happens. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ the first time i ever did go to an open house was when i was choosing university courses and even then it was more of a mini excursion with my brother. we hit only the computing booth and hall booth. nothing else. though i did the suaku walk about campus thing excitedly. hahaha.

so my duties today were to stand about the booth with an ipad and answer questions about life in computing. the curriculum, the job prospects, small talk etc.

the most common questions were:
"which is better, SMU IS or NUS IS?"
"what is the difference between computing and engineering?"
"what is the difference between computer science and computer engineering?"
"what are the job prospects?"

weeeellll...i would be inclined to say NUS since it is my school afterall and also, i've not studied in SMU so i can't really comment about it can i? even then, experiences varies. so i tried my best to be objective. cause i wouldn't want someone to come in and get something else from what i told them right. bad karma. what if they enter, realize they hate it. and since i will still be around in school, they voodoo me or some shit for their suffering. hahahaha. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

so there were a few incidences which made me ponder today.

firstly, a guy got accepted into NTU ADM and was thinking of Digipen. but he was also considering NUS CM cause of the brand name and truth be told, there exists a safety net of sorts(despite the recent slew of scandals and such) here, provided you don't fail out of school. his first question was if NUS CM offers what he wants(which is art intensive and sounds more of the bachelor of fine arts in Digipen) so i thought, that was what i thought CM offered too. but after a lengthy talk(about 30mins!!!), i guess he realized it wasn't what he wanted afterall. although open house is for recruitment, i feel that letting them make informed choices is way more important. else, the voodoo thing might really happen. and the thing is, right after asking if i was in CM, his immediate response was, "i heard CM is closing down next year". i was like "uhmm...nothing is finalized nor official. it's hearsay." -smiles smiles beams- OMGSIGHSTABSSTABSSTABS. that's what i'm hoping too my dear friend!!! i hope he has a good life in wherever he chooses to go. though he might just come here afterall. or his friend might come to the IS here. meh.

the second ponder-inspiring incidence was parents who wander about the Open house without kids in tow. so who is choosing what they want to study? the parents, or the kids themselves. and there were also parents with kids who aren't even old enough for A levels asking questions. dafuq man. when i was explaining about the requirements eg H2 Math, the poor girl was like puzzled about what H2 is. point is, if you don't know what H2 is or any of its equivalence, you're too young bro. maybe they are deciding if NUS isn't their choice, which overseas university to pack the kids to and thus the need for time to save monies. hehh. ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

the third thing i found out today was, talking to people from 9am to 6pm at a rather loud voice is hard. talking to tall people from 9am to 6pm at a rather loud voice is even worse. its the tilt of the neck and the fact that you're looking up the whole time. god my back, neck, throat and feet are all aching now. i guess i never realized how short i really am till today. when all the people i spoke to were taller than me. by a whole lot. like a whole 15+cm lot. sigh. BUT. it's a rare occurrence. since i hobble about in heels most of the time so im a fake height of 165cm on normal days. hahahaha. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

and the last thing is about work ethics. how can some people just disappear for no utter reason during peak period. do they not realize how bad it reflects on when we are stretched so thin and people have to wait for like 5+ mins to ask a single question? if you poof during non peak it's fine since there isn't much traffic present. but seriously. have a sense of responsibility please. it's not even a 5 min toilet break which i find reasonable. it's just a disappearance. uninformed at that. if you do have other duties which you can't walk away from, then don't sign up for this. it's not fair for those who have to cover your asses.

so this is the end of a lengthy rambling post and off to work i am again. just had to take a break from school reports. le dramatic sigh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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