today is my self-declared Work-Blank-out Day. which is kind of a joke since i still had to submit a few things. but now that's done, there is only cs2103T code to assimilate and i guess i can do that after dinner.

sleeping for a full 16hrs should suffice for tonight and next week i hope. didnt really plan it, it just happened while i was using my laptop. the next thing i knew, it was 2pm the next day. (T(エ)T)ノ

was kinda restless so i decided to play around with Photoshop! i love colored contacts but sometimes thinking of what color to get etc is boggling. and even if purple eyes look nice, its just strange for school and normal work days so i stick to browns these days. or once in awhile greys. BUT. i went to prowl through tutorials and dammmnn. this guy has the most effective and most idiot-proof tutorial for eye-color changing ever. you can pick it up in like <5mins. then trial and error through the desired effects. and also i've included contacts irl which closely resembles them.

so i played around and tested with it. in 3 steps you get like infinite eye color choices. muahahaha. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

in the original, i'm wearing Princess Mimi almond contacts so it is kinda chocolate to begin with. love the color a whole lot but it is 16mm which is tiring for eyes. especially if i've to wear it for an entire day which is roughly 12hrs++. decided to get 14mm brown ones which are less tiring for normal wear. to be honest, my eyes are damn small so wearing 16mm is kinda like sclera lens. damn you small eyes!!!

green eyes. using the lasso-technique sometimes misses out bits so this with the mask is great. easy too! i've not found contacts that give this kind of emerald green yet. geo green lens are lighter, more apple. but on asian eyes it gets darker, still not dark enough though. and geo green lens has a very distinct pattern so it is not as natural nor blended.

blue! i like dark blue eyes but most commercial blue contacts are really light. sigh. but its ohkay cause i haz photoshop now! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ btw these photos are extremely ps-ed. ahem. EPIC SKIN. the best investment in skin care is photoshop. seriously. it can even save you from bad lighting. hahaha.

strange combi of green eyes + bright coral lips. which reminds me of the limecrime orange lipstick that im tempted by. but resisting.
i think im highly attracted to the packaging. but their texture and pigmentation is really good too.

gold hazel. this is an easy color to find since most contacts have a huge array of browns. the Mimi Cafe Latte series is nice. i'm in love with the designs such as the mimi latte brown!

how cute is this!!! like the top view of a cup of coffee.

AMETHYST. i like purple eyes. looks highly dreamy somehow. so far i've not found contacts that give this deep purple. freshkon gives a romantic light violet that looks extremely unnatural with no limbal ring. meh.

ohkay. now everyone can haz nice colored eyes! even asians. sigh. its really boring to have black eyes for everyone. and at most brown for some. its like your child will most definitely have black/brown eyes. where's the thrill in that huh!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


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