TUTORIAL - Black and Gold PINS

while i was busy at finals, my folks decided to revamp my room. so now my room is an offwhite color with lots of light! it looks really spacious and all right now. and neat. yes, neat.

this was stuck to my closet door since being the genius that i am, i used super strength double-sided tape too tack this onto the door. hahaha. it was too small for notes and such so i thought, maybe i could put my Ring-Of-The-Day on them!

inspired/copy-spired by the recent stumble upon of revamping old cheap plastic toys by painting them over, i tried them out today! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Materials needed:
plastic toys
acrylic paints

went all around hougang to find these toys. in the end i found it at the bookstore near my house. hahaha. do kids these days not play with plastic toys anymore? finding these were hard. like they only play with ipads or something.  ヽ(´~`) at least they had dinosaurs. malformed dinosaurs. hahaha. these were like, $5 for a reasonable amount.

my old black acrylic paint that was lying about.

paint them over!!!

i like black + gold so i got these gold thumbtacks to match. which is stupid since i have tonnes of silver thumbtacks. hehh.

maybe hot glue would be better but i was afraid the cheap plastic toys will melt so i stuck with UHU.

TADA! done!!! i used my gold nail polishes for accents. and the triceratops had 4 pins so it can hopefully hold up my heavier rings. hahaha. this is damn fun. and easy.

Edit: ohkay, UHU didnt hold well so i peeled them off(most were falling apart on Day 2 even without any accessories!!!) and re-glued the tacks with epoxy instead! holds up really well now and looks better since it didn't have air bubbles when it dried.

with finals over, i am at a lost of things to do now. or rather, at a lost due to the sudden change of schedules etc. no more going to soc to camp for the next few months after a week of camping. meh. my next project is a huge linen pinboard at my new study-table for uhm, school stuff.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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