the thought of living in a glass bottle.

there is quite a bit on my mind these days. the dynamics of relationships, the stress from work, the returns on efforts.

it is week 13 and yet i am still rushing to meet deadlines. and these modules with crazy shit load of assignments end up with still kind of a large percentage for finals. after rushing to complete my assignments, normally i am too brain dead to really continue absorbing/revision. so i end up here typing rubbish or checking emails for work.

then again, i am too brain dead to reply coherently so i shall leave it tomorrow.

making mistakes at work now is just uncalled for. and reflects horridly too.

anyhows, a random thought occurred to me yesterday.

i feel like i am living in this glass bottle. sure it is not all smooth sailing, but my problems are not that huge. although i whine like fuck, i know that they are manageable and dude, seriously they are not that huge a deal. plus i have friends who put up with all my shit. hahaha. so while i am living a protected life, i know just how easily it can be smashed. this was always in the back of my head, but it keeps hounding me rather badly these few days.

i have this gut feeling that something catastrophic will happen soon and shatter this bottle. and i am not sure if i can deal with it. it is like peace waiting to be broken.

this song makes me feel all nuah.

shall camp even more productively at com tomorrow. shockingly, it HAD been productive in the basement. managed to finish my cs2105 assignment. with help from the manchurian prince. hahaha. i attribute the productiveness to the fact that there is less human traffic milling pass so less distractions?

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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