hello kitty donut!

after making these many, i was kind of thinking of putting them in etsy. but something was missing, i realized i needed labels! maybe it's a narcissus syndrome but it's always cute to know where something came from or who made it no? but making labels commercially was no really viable. so i found a way to make my own!

permanent marker
cotton ribbon
tee shirt transfer paper

the thing is, you could just print it but my printer was not working, so i used the marker and wrote them by hand in reverse. yes, i am talented in writing in reverse. how useful is that!

after writing them, follow the transfer instructions and iron them face down onto the cotton ribbon. it didn't work as well as if i printed them cause of the uneven ink. though i do like the personalized effect that all were handwritten and different. printing onto the transfer would still be a better and faster option though.

on a side note: my nails!!! omsdcsdjb the scotch-tape method is really too fun and the geometric designs are total love!!! they take about 30mins to complete TOPS.

sew them on!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye




i realized, one way to curb my non-stop eating is to channel the urge to constantly do something to stuff like knotting tonnes of bracelets, or making cute felt food. sewing them while watching Burn Notice gives me something to watch AND something to keep my hands/subconciousness occupied. hahaha. ohkay, i still eat non-stop actually.

when you accumulate enough of these cute donuts, you can make them into magnets, pin cushions OR this yummy looking wall deco! i made a magnet choco donut for my brother and left it in his room but i think he still can't find it. -,-

sure it makes you feel hungry and crave for donuts all the time but the cuteness it adds to the wall is worth it.

materials needed:
tan, brown, cream felt are great starters
other yummy felt colors
embroidery thread
polyester filling
wooden frame

so make enough donuts to fill up the frame comfortably. then wrap your linen/cloth (chose this cause it had a natural rough grainy feel to it) around the backing of the frame. sew the donuts on with a few simple stitches in case you change your mind and WA LA. doneeeee. go hang it up and drool. hahaha. or just shove in a magnet before you sew up the donut and you have a super yummy looking magnet. wahahaha. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

i love Mister Donut! but only had it in taiwan. as much as they were yummy, they looked SO CUTE. their mascot was one of the cutest ever!

winged a pattern for the Pon De Ring and tested it out. lucky it was of the proportions and size i liked! might upload it soon if i can get the scanner to cooperate. so trace x2 of the pattern and sew around.

so three episodes = four donuts.

the round ones are easy enough, sewing the inside rim and then the outside. i realized its easier to get the stuffing even if i sew 1/2 and stuff that half and continue sewing.

for the Pon de Ring donut (i call it the osdmvdbnkmv yummy mister donut lion head donut), i figured just sewing from the pattern didn't give the effect i liked. you need to sew and wind the thread around each segment once.

this photo has the white segmented donut BEFORE wrapping the segments. the pink one was segmented. quite a big difference.

segmenting by wrapping. the thing is, sometimes i can't decide to use cream thread so it matches the color on top but clashes with the tan felt below or to use tan and clash. sigh. #firstworldproblems. just remember to wind reaaalll tight twice.

a cat donut cause why not right. this is easy too. just cut 2 circles of 2 different colors, stack them together, and snip in half. then sew them back together like frankenstein. add a cute face and ears and DONE. so cute svfdbjsgb.

this is when i look at them and go I NEED A 5 YEAR OLD NIECE/NEPHEW WHO WILL PLAY WITH THEM. justify my obsessive compulsion to make an entire collection of donuts.

tested a green tea one. tried to use my eyeshadow as matcha powder. uhm. apparently it looks like mould. hahaha. ヽ(- . -)ノ

a choco banana bear donut ring. hehhh. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

AND. i finally got a new wallet. i love how freaking durable and minimalistic these are.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye