hello kitty donut!

after making these many, i was kind of thinking of putting them in etsy. but something was missing, i realized i needed labels! maybe it's a narcissus syndrome but it's always cute to know where something came from or who made it no? but making labels commercially was no really viable. so i found a way to make my own!

permanent marker
cotton ribbon
tee shirt transfer paper

the thing is, you could just print it but my printer was not working, so i used the marker and wrote them by hand in reverse. yes, i am talented in writing in reverse. how useful is that!

after writing them, follow the transfer instructions and iron them face down onto the cotton ribbon. it didn't work as well as if i printed them cause of the uneven ink. though i do like the personalized effect that all were handwritten and different. printing onto the transfer would still be a better and faster option though.

on a side note: my nails!!! omsdcsdjb the scotch-tape method is really too fun and the geometric designs are total love!!! they take about 30mins to complete TOPS.

sew them on!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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