Crest White Strips 2 Hour Express

i love coffee. i drink a lot of it. but somehow unlike my brother, my teeth get stained so damn yellow. i was quite bothered by it but my dentist was kinda against whitening them since he said it was damaging and blah blah.

so when my mom went to the states, i just had to ask her to get me these Crest White Strips! i'm not sure if it's just me but i can't seem to find these in Singapore! plus those whitening toothpastes i find are more for maintenance more than for actual whitening?

these are the 2 hour express which comes in 2 sets. each set with 2 strips. and ya my nails look more like poisonous mushrooms than polka dots.

this is 1 set containing 1 upper and 1 lower strip.

she got me these too but i've not tried them. might save them for later since the recommended usage is once or twice a year.

when you open the pack you find these 2 strips. they are adhesive and gel-like. so just stick them onto your teeth. thankfully for braces, my teeth are rather straight so getting the strips to stick on properly was easy.

speaking of braces, ever since i removed my braces, i do get recurring nightmares where my teeth all fell out. they will fall out one by one and bleed and then i choke to death on my own blood. and they were the realistic dreams where you can taste the blood and all... uh yea. i wonder if it's cause i did remove quite a bit of teeth for my braces. post-traumatic stress. hahaha. but damn i would rather my other recurring dream of zombie apocalypses where i jump out of a window and plunge to my death then turn into a zombie.

so here are some uhm. rather gross photos of my yellow teeth. actually, i feel that my teeth in the before photo is more yellow irl but the sunlight made it look less yellow? no color editing was done to the photos. the during photo was taken about 1 hr into it.

there is no discomfort since they are just there sticking on your teeth and though there might be a bit of taste, it is rather negligible. BUT, after it i did experience a teensy bit of sensitivity. meh.

it did lighten my teeth by maybe a shade? not bad for 2 hours. but with the consequent sensitivity i'm not sure if it's worth it. somehow the during photo looked so white i was quite disappointed when i removed the strips. booo. maybe the effects will be better with the 14 day whitening which is gradual, as compared to this which is more intensive. shall try the 14 days during the holidays when i can try to reduce coffee intake. hehh.

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Legoland - Malaysia

so i went to Legoland at JB a week back. truthfully, i was very excited for it since i heard about it last year/beginning of this year since my brothers and i did use to play with Lego and built these awesome castles! but booo it didn't live up to my expectations of it. \(T^T)/

it is spilt into a couple of zones as per usual - Kingdoms, Technic, Lego City, Mini Land, Imagination, Land of Adventure.

Kingdoms with the classic castle and dragons.

this is extremely pretty to me for some odd reason. 

uhm. bears...playing? \( > - < )/

there were many play areas/play grounds around with different themes but i didn't visit them since they were mostly catered to kids. Legoland is extremely children friendly since most of the attractions/rides seemed to be designed for children 5-10 years old! i don't think teenagers will like it particularly much. i found it rather lacking. and definitely no adrenaline rush available!

a Musical Fountain. it has sensors so music starts playing as you approach it. hahaha.

a wet ride that was not as thrilling as i thought it would be. \(°^°)/

after walking a bit we had lunch at the cafe!

rainbow icecream which was basically paddlepop in a cone. super love paddlepop so i liked this a lot. HAHAHA.

salmon sandwich. the food seems super catered and not theme park stuff at all! in Disney and USS, the food are normally set to a theme with the cutlery and such designed specifically. those attention to details is what makes the experience so magical! however, at Legoland i felt like i was at Delifrance... \(T^T)/

the sculptures placed around randomly are quite interesting though. wahaha. #hamsup

water boat ride! if only the course was longer and more decorated...

sea themed fountain.

uber cute robots at the Technic side!

you could totally bring a pocket of legos and just disfigure them by sticking random pieces on. HAHAHA.

they were having some event/class, not sure which but wasn't that intriguing...i think the CS1101S Sumo-bots contest was so much cooler. hehh.

in this air-conditioned area where people try to build structures taller than these.

only photo i captured at the Land of Adventure.

lego pigeon!!! 

Mini Land was the area which interested me the most since the level of detail to the sculptures were crazy, for lego standards. I mean, doing miniature replicas with just lego blocks requires a lot of skill as compared to normal materials due to the constraints of the parts. hence the abnormal amount of photos.

can you spot the mini pandas frolicking about by the Great Wall?

butter fact. hahaha.

in all, i feel that unless you are towing kids along, just give Legoland a miss. or more time to hopefully improve their existing infrastructure. especially if you're looking for an adrenaline rush. also, when i was there, i spent 45 mins queuing for the observatory tower and roller coaster. that is nothing for a theme park since i queued way more for Transformers in USS. BUT THE THING IS, THE RIDES BOTH BROKE DOWN. so i queued for 90 mins odd in total AND i was told that the rides broke down, TWICE. so definitely NOT a good experience -.-

though i'm pretty sure kids will love that place, broken rides or not.

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Happy Halloween

happy halloween. here's some cute girls in costume for you. have fun while i dredge through my deadlines. (T^T)/

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Bon Iver - Skinny Love

i love this song. might be animating this into a simple lyrics video if time permits.

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A Spring Romance

that's why i'm a Summer romance kind of person.

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