year three semester 1

this semester is moving fast. too fast in fact. i feel extremely overwhelmed and actually got quite burnt out by week 6. submitted some assignments which i felt were so sub-par i want to just bury them. sigh. and that is barely half of the semester. ( T▽T )/

the medi-kit which i modelled for our game development module cs4213 using Blender. we are doing a FPS in a sci-fi/dream-state world so i get to model items pretty much any style i like as long as it's consistent. the module kind of suggested Maya + Unity but somehow i like Blender more. it's less frilly and more user friendly for modelling imo. especially the uv texturing bit. learning a lot from my group members and Youtube! Youtube o Youtube, glorious land of tutorials. without it i've no idea how i'll self-learn all these to complete my assignments.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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