Two years back

nehbur's moustache poster leftovers.

found this weird quote and i wrote stuff around which was uhm...deleted. hahaha.

i remember how mind-blown i was when i found out narwhals were real and not mythical.

last drawing of the book.

some old drawings from my journal. i think they were from 2 years back? blanked out most of the words cause some were quite morbid/depressing. hahaha. was about to read through it but it was too cringe-worthy so i decided to just grab the drawings and leave the reading for another day.

having 4 papers back to back in 2 days was not the smartest thing i've done. during the 4th i just finished it in an hour and left cause i was on the brink of fainting. gosh. once i got home i bathed and concussed immediately. now i've a really bad headache. ugh. wonder if it's the caffeine withdrawal.

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Final Lion

it's reading week! here is a list of things i/we would rather be doing than studying. sigh.

baking cakes.

drawing at coffee shops the entire day.

walking in the rain.

sleeping with no need for alarms.

sunbathing to make up for lost vitamin d during sem time.

playing the new games you guys just bought from Steam.

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CROSS OVER #2: Family Guy X Doraemon

weeeelll....this is disturbing hahaha.

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Peripheral Chaos

this semester was the first whereby i actually did CM-ish modules for the first time in 3 years! all these while my modules were just computer science or math etc.

one of the modules required us to build a game using Unity and it was rather rewarding since people can actually play our end product!

so our game is called Peripheral Chaos. it is a sci-fi FPS against robots.

the starting scene of Peripheral Chaos

for more details, go to the game's page!

to download the exe:

please try it out and tell me what you think!

when we first started, we planned to implement both Campaign mode and Multi-player mode but with 6 weeks and 4 other modules, we decided to fully focus on Campaign mode. Multi-player might be something in the future? i'm not too sure. hahaha. there was a map created that was modeled after com1 but since that was for the Multi-player mode, it never saw the light of day. ( >.< )ノ still it was rather fun modeling it i guess.

during the showcase, each group did their presentation and the games i really liked were Elite6 and Heresy of Set. check out their videos below!

elite6, a RTS by Monochrome

heresy of set, a tower defense game with Egyptian themes. rick modeled every damn model in this game. insanity. ( >.< )ノ

not sure if their games are up for dl but if they are, go try it out! fun stuffff.

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CROSS OVER #1: Adventure Time X One Piece

finals are in a few days yet i'm drawing weird stuff.

feeling rather burnt out after yesterday's showcase.

what else should i X?

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Colors and Patterns #1

it is bleak and dreary due to the ceaseless submissions despite it being reading week and looming finals.

so here are some colors to OD on. might make some into prints for xmas gifts. though i'm not sure who would want them hahaha.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


Learning Blender in a crunch

while taking cs4342, to be honest i learnt everything about Blender from Youtube to complete my assignments. perhaps the teaching styles didn't match, but i didn't feel that labs were helpful at all.

get Blender here: http://www.blender.org/

so after prowling Youtube for hours to learn from scratch what Blender is and such, I have compiled a list of Youtube tutorials for Blender which i found were succinct and great! i can be impatient so these videos are mostly shorter than 20mins.

first up, cgboorman is awesome to the max!  he has a series of tutorials covering various topics and they are all clear and easy to follow.
check out his channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/cgboorman

Character UV mapping by cgboorman:

Simple Animation by TheMrGoman:

Modelling a human by RivenPhoenix:

Animating paths by ianscott888:

Export animation by Daniel Kreuter:

Blender also has a video editing function which is very easy to use with it's drag and drop function.

and this is how i survived my 3d modelling module assignments. with the power of Youtube! i'm not good at it but at least i could scrape pass i guess. (T▽T)

nice songs always help make modelling less tedious:
she is 

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


Childhood Memories

i was a happy kid with piles of scrap paper and markers. as i was digging for my academic certificates, i got side tracked by these drawings i did when i was in primary/kindergarten. hahaha. found them in a file under my dressing table. there were a lot more drawings, autograph books, birthday cards and even compositions i wrote. hahaha. those will not see the light of day.

guess i never had any knack for color coordination. what's up with their funky clown hair hahaha!

my obsession with multi-colored hair mermaids started young. complete with the sun-at-the-corner look.

this should be primary 3? with the YG magazine last time.

those weird concerts we always have during children's day. the lady in the audience looks like she has black poop for hair. ahahaha.

a note from when i was p5 from this p1 girl who i buddied with! i can't believe i still have these.


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Magazine Scraps #1

a Sharpie, torn pages from a free magazine and brain drain.

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Android Camera Apps Part 1!

i don't have a digital camera so all my photos on my blog etc are all from my s2! sometimes the photos are not that great in terms of color nor focus so i tend to edit them all before upload. 

and my favorite is jengjeng jenggggg...PHOTOWONDER.

Photowonder allows simple vignetting, beautifying function and several filters that i simply a-d-o-r-e. they have a skin smoothing function which i use for photos where i'm makeup-less. freaking photoshop on your phone. who won't love it. hahaha. cheat max. the newer versions of the app even allows you to choose the extent of skin smoothing you want, ie. extent of the gaussian blur or similar algo on your skin. so you don't end up with crazy porcelain skin - unless you want to.

then there is their Autumn filter! bright photos with vivid colors distract me a lot. i can't focus properly and tend to just miss the point of the photo. desaturating colors help me see the entire photo if that makes sense at all. hahaha. not to mention how dreamy the photo looks.( ^3^ )/

Photowonder processed with Autumn filter!

next is this Cartoon Camera. if you're into old school cartoons or just looking for interesting backgrounds, try this app! it has several filters and you can choose the extent of the color and noise.

my messy room looks interesting now. hahaha.

with less noise, more color

less color, more noise

awesome pencil hatching style!!! just imagine the stuff you can superimposed onto them to make stories etc etc.

pencil outline style in color.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye