Android Camera Apps Part 1!

i don't have a digital camera so all my photos on my blog etc are all from my s2! sometimes the photos are not that great in terms of color nor focus so i tend to edit them all before upload. 

and my favorite is jengjeng jenggggg...PHOTOWONDER.

Photowonder allows simple vignetting, beautifying function and several filters that i simply a-d-o-r-e. they have a skin smoothing function which i use for photos where i'm makeup-less. freaking photoshop on your phone. who won't love it. hahaha. cheat max. the newer versions of the app even allows you to choose the extent of skin smoothing you want, ie. extent of the gaussian blur or similar algo on your skin. so you don't end up with crazy porcelain skin - unless you want to.

then there is their Autumn filter! bright photos with vivid colors distract me a lot. i can't focus properly and tend to just miss the point of the photo. desaturating colors help me see the entire photo if that makes sense at all. hahaha. not to mention how dreamy the photo looks.( ^3^ )/

Photowonder processed with Autumn filter!

next is this Cartoon Camera. if you're into old school cartoons or just looking for interesting backgrounds, try this app! it has several filters and you can choose the extent of the color and noise.

my messy room looks interesting now. hahaha.

with less noise, more color

less color, more noise

awesome pencil hatching style!!! just imagine the stuff you can superimposed onto them to make stories etc etc.

pencil outline style in color.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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