Childhood Memories

i was a happy kid with piles of scrap paper and markers. as i was digging for my academic certificates, i got side tracked by these drawings i did when i was in primary/kindergarten. hahaha. found them in a file under my dressing table. there were a lot more drawings, autograph books, birthday cards and even compositions i wrote. hahaha. those will not see the light of day.

guess i never had any knack for color coordination. what's up with their funky clown hair hahaha!

my obsession with multi-colored hair mermaids started young. complete with the sun-at-the-corner look.

this should be primary 3? with the YG magazine last time.

those weird concerts we always have during children's day. the lady in the audience looks like she has black poop for hair. ahahaha.

a note from when i was p5 from this p1 girl who i buddied with! i can't believe i still have these.


( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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