Hello Kitty Pastel Dots Nails Tutorial

if you want these nails, follow this super easy tutorial!

i used a gold glitter for kitty's nose cause i've no yellow. For black, i used a Sharpie. not ideal since it bleeds so use black polish if you have it!

i like straighter squarish nails cause they look more neat.

repeat this step if your polish is sheer/thinner.

toothpicks are inexpensive and perfect for dotting, especially those with a flat end.

when it all dried, i applied about 2-3 coats of Canmake's Gel Top coat. My nails are quite thin and normal top coats are fine but this gel top coat is awesome! it gives the semi-illusion of gel nails. of course it wont be as thick(maybe if you applied like 10 coats...) but there is visible thickness after 3 and i love the shine! normal top coats do seal everything in but with this, your nails get "evened out" since it is thick and i only painted the tips. yupp. awesome awesome. plus it dries rather fast. do make sure everything is dried before applying your top coat to prevent any smudging. mine did a bit.

ps. i got these washi tape etc in my resource folder for a very long time so i'm not too sure where i got them from. if you made them and want credits etc please email me thanks!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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