Two years back

nehbur's moustache poster leftovers.

found this weird quote and i wrote stuff around which was uhm...deleted. hahaha.

i remember how mind-blown i was when i found out narwhals were real and not mythical.

last drawing of the book.

some old drawings from my journal. i think they were from 2 years back? blanked out most of the words cause some were quite morbid/depressing. hahaha. was about to read through it but it was too cringe-worthy so i decided to just grab the drawings and leave the reading for another day.

having 4 papers back to back in 2 days was not the smartest thing i've done. during the 4th i just finished it in an hour and left cause i was on the brink of fainting. gosh. once i got home i bathed and concussed immediately. now i've a really bad headache. ugh. wonder if it's the caffeine withdrawal.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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