The Sunburnt Snippets

leaving on a plane back to singapore soon and it just occurred to me that my brief escape is coming to an end. it had been the most crazy roller coaster of experiences here and i feel so grateful for all the people here who made it so damn awesome.

never thought that i could fall in love with a place so much but cali definitely did that. in a mere space of two months. sigh. im not even on the plane, yet the depression of going back is already setting in.

i will miss going across the gorgeous bridge.

absorbing the rays on vibrant beaches with clear waters where everyone is just enjoying the sun.

stopping by random lakes.

feeling the magic at theme parks.

crazy road trips with friends.

awesome geek out moments at museums.

meals with alcatraz in view.

the bagel store owners who are so warm and friendly. also, sundried tomato bagels and cream cheese. (':

gorgeous architecture everywhere.

AND insane shopping. hehh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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