Daily Musings

been forcing myself to document stuff. i dont know why im compelled to do it but i do. it is a mini art journal of sorts. did one for my time in california which i may or may not upload.

also, handmade macaroons from my cousin!

was secretly anticipating baked goodies from my neighbors this hari raya. but nope. sigh. (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ the cake baked by the granny was awesome yummy.

i had a really strange dream that day. where i had a friend (stranger irl, no idea who that is at all, but in the dream i knew we were friends) and day by day she turned into a wooden puppet. like a reverse pinnochio.

it got so bad that i would have to carry her around. in the same time as she was digressing, people who were our friends started forgetting about her, denying her existence. saying things like, "who? no, there was never such a person." and she started being erased from old photographs and such. but i was insistent that she existed and I KNEW. i could still see her. one day she finally disappeared and i could not find her. everyone's life just continued on unaffected.

i woke up so damn depressed. if what i thought was real, which everyone else denies, does it matter? if it was indeed a figment of my imagination or if it was reality. or does it matter only that it felt real. fml. these dreams always screw up my brain for a week.

been falling sick really frequently too. sigh.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye

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