Your Bag's Story

im not sure if anyone is actually checking on my blog but no im not dead.

just...unmotivated in most sense. school is not going too well. just one module actually. sigh.

to deal with that demoralizing module, i started a new project:

so initially i was going to write a story and needed an illustration of a bag with its contents. while drawing the contents, i realized that it was actually more interesting than the story and you've no idea how much i went "omg wtf do i bring this to school everyday? i dont even use it." hahaha. so, what does your bag and its contents say about you?

or maybe you just want a sketchy doodle of them for reasons idk but i would still love to doodle.

a semi-doodle with sketchy painting. so i bring my organizer, minimal stationary, phone, makeup, shades and perfume to school daily. then keys and cardholder and chargers too but it was getting too cluttered in the doodle. sadly, that is not my wallet but i do want that if i ever start using wallets.

different representation without color! i dont know why i feel the need to bring 2 lipsticks but i do. one in coral and one in pink because you just wont know when you need them do you? who knows, maybe your outfit changes midday or something. hahaha.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye