The Process and Thanks

firstly, omgggg thanks everyone for the insane amount of support for my first commercial artwork!!!

i had initially printed 40 cards, thinking "well, at most i will stuff them into random mailboxes if they dont sell!"

but the same night it was all sold out and i had to go reprint them!

you guys have no idea how significant that felt to me.

to someone who has always been extremely unsatisfied and insecure with her artwork, this overwhelming support has been extremely stunning. i feel like crying. hahaha. but im a cold-hearted bitch, so no tears.

im however, really really grateful to all you guys for the love and support!

especially to Mr. Brother, who is a super supportive sibling. good job and Evil Brother Bank credits++ for convincing me to try selling my artwork, offering ideas and being sales person #1.

thanks for being so encouraging Mr. Brother & TP!

prototypes on my wall.

cutting the A3 pieces into A6! thankfully, my dad hoards tools. we have a paper cutter, laminating machine, soldering irons, woodcutting tools and almost every other shit at home. which is great, truly, cause i get to do all these shenanigans.

stamping the envelopes by hand from my handcrafted stamp!

drawing on the trunk and stars.

glitterfying and waiting for them to dry.

i will be making more random collections of my artwork soon, hope you guys will dig those too!

thanks for the loveee.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye


A Merry Christmas


ive been handmaking cards for a long while for my friends and this year ive decided to go digital! since it is digital, it is not as personalized as i like but seeing the design in print does have a nice sort of satisfaction.

there are 4 designs in a set.
each card is A6, on 235gsm paper.
the back of the card is empty and comes with hand-decorated brown envelopes.

you can opt to collect the cards from me when we meet or i can mail it to you!

postage within singapore costs $1(for 12 cards) so yea, not a bad option compared to meeting me for a lengthy dinner. hahaha.

Mr Original, simplicity at its best.

Mr Scarf is my favorite just cause of his fabulous red glitter scarf. hahaha.

with tangled glitter lights in his head.

carrying a mistletoe on his head = portable kissing station.

the cards are sold in multiples of 4 so you get one of each design. if for some reason you DETEST one of the designs, feel free to tell me so we can work something out. maybe you have a morbid fear of red carves idk.

do whatsapp or email me at mirukukeki@gmail.com if youre interested!

major love and thanks for supporting my art work! ♥

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ byebye