The Factory

tonnes of new cafes and food places have been popping up at kovan like wild mushrooms. Lola Cafe has nice desserts but it gets boring after awhile. met fush and garrett for dinner at The Factory a few weeks back.

the menu was not very extensive and mostly just normal food with fries. the dips available were quite interesting though. there were curry, marmite and cheeses. i chose the marmite dip which i thought was the yummiest.

wrap with curry dip.

fish and chips with blue cheese dip.

mushroom pasta with marmite dip. the pasta was boring. i got extremely sick of it after 3 mouthfuls. not a good choice at all. the fries with the marmite dip was awesome though.

finally meeting them after so long!

will be going back to black or darker colored hair soon. that thought alone is so depressing...