Hong Kong Food Porn

so during recess week, i went to on a short trip to hongkong! it was really just to get away from this tiny island and to stuff myself silly with good food. hehh. so this post will be extremely food heavy!

right after the plane landed, we checked into our hotel and went for brunch at a diner near our place. it was crammed with locals so many people kept asking us where we were from and such.

 god i love rice rolls. like, crazy in loveee.

after that we went to meet our friend and had Australian Diary!!!

honestly, how can scrambled eggs be so plain yet so darn tasty?! couldnt get enough of it!

we had dinners at random diners which smell good. so basically we walk by, smell something awesome, and stop. hahaha. did not go wrong with that method at all.

iced milk tea! it is so rare that i will choose anything over coffee but the milk tea was irresistableee. so sometimes i cave and get yinyang. best of both worlds?

my beef brisket noodles. nomnomnom.

after a long shopping trip, we ended up at Yee Shun Milk Company at Causeway.

the french toast here was epic! especially when drenched in syrup. ugh.

the last day we went on yet another chill day of shopping at Mongkok area. had a super greedy brunch to kickstart the day!

 century egg porridge.

more rice rolls.

even more rice rolls wrapped around youtiao.

and of course....BO LUO BAO!

the hot buns and ice cold butter. omggg. do they have these in singapore???

as someone with a very volatile and weak stomach, i tend to avoid street food. but the lure of hongkong street food is insane. i ended up spending much of my first night at the toilet puking but the next day i was back at it, filling my tummy with curry fishballs. hahahaha. no way will i let my lousy stomach stop me from enjoying!!! ( ̄ー ̄)

gosh i miss the food so bad (゚´Д`゚)゚

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♥ byebye