Caged Bralette DIY Designs

im in love with all things strappy now but it is tough to find bralettes which have the exact design which i want. thankfully, they are quite easy to DIY and there are many helpful tutorials out on the web.

this from-scratch tutorial is god-sent and i adore it to no end! now im obsessed with fold-over elastic for every project.

or, you could easily convert a black bra by sewing on more straps.

basic materials include tonnes of elastic, fold-over elastic, stretchy fabric and swimsuit clasps. they are clasps designed for swimsuits which i think are more aesthetically pleasing than the usual bra hooks. they come in more colors and are made of a simple plastic/metal design which is more discreet.

here's some of my designs!

and a base for your own designs.

for people with more boobs, add a dart into the bralette as such.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♥ byebye

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