DIY Elastic Body Harness

so i was on tumblr and chanced upon body harnesses. they are oh so gorgeous and can get crazy creative. although it does seem a little dramatic for singapore, i couldnt resist and made some myself.

elastic about 1" in width
a hoop
needle and thread

as i dont have a body form, my method of making sure it fits consists of me putting it on and measuring the lengths of each strap multiple times. also, to reduce the hassle of numbering the straps, i simply cut them out only when i need them.

do take note that the elastic is facing the right side up and not twisted else it can get frustrating to unpick the stitches and re-sew.

also, make sure there is enough head space at the halter so you dont end up with a harness which cant be fitted over your head.

for this tutorial, im making a halter body harness with an inverted pentagram.

you can choose to add studs or leave them plain.

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  1. Awesome tutorial!!!