Tajiyama @ Vivo

"At Tajimaya, you can expect an authentic Japanese charcoal grill experience like no other. The restaurant offers a fun and interactive ‘hands-on cooking’ and dining experience by allowing you to grill your own delectable meats at your very own table."

after my graduation, we went to tajiyama for dinner. i normally shun from anything which requires me to cook at the table such as bbq/steamboat etc cause i hate the heat and smell. thankfully tajiyama was ok on both ends.

we ordered a few a la carte dishes, a pork set for 4, and a wagyu set for 4.

 wagyu! it was very simple but tasted so awesome lightly grilled.

 the plate of pork. the pork was a little too fatty for my taste. thought the beef was way nicer.

 cold noodles which i ordered. simple and chewy. #carbomonster

 mixed sashimi plate.

and my brother cooking hurr.

the charcoal grill had some form of ventilation so most smoke was drawn downwards. the aircon was very strong so the heat was bearable. still, i think non-grill/steamboat places are still better. the lingering smell after eating at such places is always such a turn-off.

despite that, i think tajiyama minimized all these issues so well that i wouldnt mind going back there again.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♥ byebye