Tokyo Banana DIY

tokyo banana struck me as the cutest thing EVER when i first saw it.

so i decided to make a keychain of the tokyo banana giraffe!

my keychain without the ribbon.

Materials required:
Brown felt
Cream felt
Polyester filling
Sewing kit

1. Print and trace the pattern pieces onto the felt.
2. Cut and sew the individual brown spots onto one of the cream pieces.
3. Sew the 2 cream pieces together.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♥ byebye


Online Shopping Tips for the Curvier Girls

most girls in singapore are really tiny, and skinny (and honestly, not much boobs). so it isnt a surprise that local clothes are catered to them and it is near impossible for me to find clothes which fit.

to give an idea to non-singaporeans, clothes sold locally (excluding uk/us brands) run at a default of uk6 or smaller. im a uk size 8 to 10, so buying clothes is a nightmare.

to combat this, i turn to online shopping. brands such as asos, nastygal and more indie brands offer free international shipping, just contact them and ask about the minimum spend if not already stated! thankfully, singapore's shipping is very efficient so i have not lost any parcels before.

my favorite brand for work/formal clothes is asos. the size cutting runs true and the quality has never been sub-par before. what you see is what you get.

Tips for Happy Online Shopping

i cant stress this enough. if sites seem dodgy or have too-good-to-be-true prices, it most probably is. giving your credit card info to such sites wont really be advisable! and the disappointment of receiving bad items or worse still, not receiving them? not worth it.

shipping costs can be substantial, so if possible, get your friends to shop together or wait for a bulk buy. for asos, purchases of >$175 gets you free express shipping to singapore! your order reaches in 2 days and it is so insanely satisfying. checking the estimated delivery time also gives you some mental preparation before you buy it.

if your figure aint like the models, then do look out for the fit! rule of thumb is, if it looks bad or unflattering on the model, it will most probably look worse on you.

4th of july, black friday, cyber friday bla bla bla. there are sales going on almost every month! check and perhaps wait awhile for them sales. items will be up to 50% off or more! saves you from the heartache of buying something for $200 and going back a week later and seeing it at $50.

5. avoid white clothes
i steer clear of white clothes. the thing about white clothes is, the shade of white. too yellow? too polyester looking? there is a lot of considerations. plus the material may be too translucent, especially on light colored pieces.

thats all for now!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ♥ byebye